Arrow.png Chapter R

Fight With Your Devil Next
Devil in Wonderland
Icon Artist KillerBlood Genre Chiptune
Vocal N/A Cover Art Ryori Chart Design No Info
Number R-8 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 2:16 Easy 5 598
BPM 180 Hard 9 854

Video[edit | edit source]


Cytus R - Fight With Your Devil - Killerblood-0

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This song is entitled "Versus" on the song selection.

Difficulty Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version Easy Hard
7.0 5 9

Note Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Click notes
    535 on Easy (89.46%), 801 on Hard (93.79%)
  • Hold notes
    6 on Easy (1.00%), 3 on Hard (0.35%)
  • Drag notes
    57 on Easy (9.54%), 50 on Hard (5.86%)

Trivia[edit | edit source]


  • This is one of three songs in the game that has the time signature 5/4, the others are Recollections and L7 : Almighty.
  • The creatures from Sweetness And Love (in Negative colors) and a Rayark logo (in the "YouR"' part of the title) make the cameo appearance in the title card.
  • The characters (knight & the flying object) from Theme of Kingdom No.8 also make appearances in the title card.
  • The trailer for 7.0 has "Kingdom No.8" written instead of "Killerblood" on the artist place.

Helpful Info[edit | edit source]

My favorite (Yes, I prefer this to Conflict), and actually my only lv9 MM on Ch. R.
— Basic1234
Adding notes, a cute song, and a hard chart.
— DropletKloud
This song is my most favorite song in Chapter Retro and my second MM in this chapter.
— Mentholzzz
The melody is simple, but gradually gets quite congested. It's easy to accidentally activate notes early for bads(Similar to Gatorix) if you're not careful. Coordination is key.
— DEBT437
Catchy but hard; you'll need max-coordination mode to do this.
— Sweet'N'Sour'Me

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