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FREEDOM DiVE is a song in Cytus and Cytus II.

Cytus I Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
5.0 6 9


  • To activate the hidden version of Freedom Dive in Cytus I, slide down from the middle of Kurante's head to the title of Freedom Dive to get Freedom D↓ve.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    524 on Easy (92.58%), 988 on Hard (80.85%)
  • Hold notes
    18 on Easy (3.18%), 2 on Hard (0.16%)
  • Drag notes
    24 on Easy (4.24%), 232 on Hard (18.99%)


  • The total amount of notes in Hard (Cytus I) and Chaos (Cytus II) is a reference to the BPM of the song (1222).
  • This song has the fastest scan line BPM in Cytus I, which is 222.22.

Freedom Dive BMS artwork featuring Kurante

  • The girl in the picture is くらんて (Kurante). This is reverse-spelling of Japanese word 転落 (てんらく), which means "fall" in English.
  • The pattern of this song in the trailer came from a BETA update of Cytus Lambda and is actually harder than the in-game version. However, the chart was later scrapped due to the technical difficulties on Android devices.
  • This song is currently one of the two songs that has drag notes revolving around a series of click notes in the middle. The other song is Blue Eyes.
  • Despite not remotely having the most notes in the game, the song has the third highest note density, having an average of 8.855 notes per second, beaten by Freedom D↓ve of 14.5 and Codename : Zero of 9.19 notes per second.
  • There is a re-arranged version of this song called "Glorious Crown" made by the same composer, xi. Also, it appears in the music game maimai, and finally in Cytus II.
  • This song first appeared in BMS for the MAXBEAT Be-music Source contest, although it uses a different version of the song.
    • The BMS version of the song became rather infamous for its FOUR DIMENSIONS chart due to being physically impossible to play.
    • With around 3 million views, it is the most viewed BMS song in YouTube, and by extension the most viewed song in Cytus.
    • It can also be found in the music games VOEZ, CHUNITHM, Sound Voltex, maimai (tpz Overcute Remix version), 太鼓の達人, Ongeki (same as the maimai used version), WACCA, and Muse Dash.
  • This song is one of the few that the highest possible level for each respective difficulty (Easy 6, Hard 10, Chaos 15).