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  • Activated by swiping down on the screen. The title will flip and the "i" in "Dive" will be replaced by a red arrow pointing downwards.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    923 on Easy (87.16%), 1162 on Hard (58.10%)
  • Hold notes
    2 on Easy (0.19%), 55 on Hard (2.75%)
  • Drag notes
    134 on Easy (12.65%), 783 on Hard (39.15%)


  • During the bridge, the drag notes form the letters x and i, referencing the artist's name, xi.
    • At the end of the bridge, the drag notes form a downward arrow.
  • Parts of the patterns from the scrapped chart that were previously shown during a Rayark convention in 2013 are used here.
  • This song has the largest notes-per-second ratio, having an average of 14.5 notes per second. In comparison, Freedom Dive has 8.855 notes per second, Codename: Zero has 9.189 notes per second, and the average for all of the Chapter L songs is only 3.13 notes per second.
  • This is the first hidden track outside of Chapter L to have the same song as the original.
  • On 31/10/2019, kocster059 got the first TP 100 on the Hard chart of this song.. This took 1150 days (3.15 years) since the chart's release, which is the longest amount of time to achieve a perfect score in Cytus' and rhythm game history.
    • Therefore, it is widely considered to be the hardest song in Cytus.
      • Based on this Tweet on 02/11/2020, SkisK 刺球 got the world's second TP 100 on the Hard chart of this song.