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Congratulations to those who have gotten in the Top 3 of the Cookie Leaderboards! You guys rock! Keep it up!

If anyone wants to get into the ranks, remember to sign up or login an account!

...Unhappy your name isn't mentioned in the Leaderboard? Want to know exactly where you stand? Fear not! This page is meant to give you the full Leaderboard, other than just the Top 3, so you can find out how much of the total shares of cookies you have! However, I'll still honour the Top 3 players! So, let's get started!

Cookie Leaderboard (Season 2)[]

Position Name Cookies
1 Cydrosil 50
2 Raikkonen04 30
2 Unsubstantial 30
2 Rushi28 30
5 Awsomw955 28
6 Rampdei96 25
7 Synnical 15
7 Capriccioso 15
9 XxPompomxX-21 10
10 CBeatricia 10
11 Eric14051433 5
12 CytusDragon 4

Cookies Leaderboard (Season 1)[]

Rank Name Cookies
1 Raikkonen04 160
2 Cydrosil 158
3 SkyEagle 142
4 Pit-Stain 101
5 Rushi28 93
6 Rampdei96 85
7 CookiesNWaffles 69
8 Plattie 99 54
8 WheatyTruffles 54
10 Ctxrn 43
11 CBeatricia 30
12 LCalebN 24
13 Doc1997 10
13 KsatriobimoCW 10
13 Dr. Breakfast 10

Note: Terms and Conditions[]

1. The player needs to get at least one A Grade to enter the Leaderboards.

2. The player has to login into his account or sign up for an account to be counted into the HoF.

3. Cookies are counted only in here.


Q: How do I upload a snapshot?

A: You are probably using a phone. Well, comment on the Weekly Cytus Challenges page and you will see many icons below. Click on the one with a picture and a plus sign. Upload the snapshot, and change the jpg to a different name (BIG NOTE: DO NOT USE THE NAME: image.jpg.) (Change it to a different name.---> E.G. imageholyknightmm.jpg)

Q: Can I tablulate my own cookies?

A: If you pass Preschool math :)

Q: Will the songs ever run out?

A: Don't worry about that. It's every week. And, since the MDP releases 10 free songs every 3-5 months, it will be sufficient.

Q: Must it be on hard difficulty?

A: Yeah.

Q: What if some song challenges are songs that are locked?

A: That will never happen unless it's an EXTRA challenge.

Q: Can I have my own challenges?

A: Still considering...but probably not to make sure it won't be so messy.