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Cytus - Chapter Timeline - 1936 -Empire of Japan-


Vocals & Lyrics by Ingrid Gerdes:

As far as I can see
New horizons blossoming
As we build anew with brick and stone
Seeds of change are being sown
Sharing our past, our ways, all that we have known
To innovate our future home
As old and new now will join as one
Transformation has begun                                                           As far as I can see
Bright new friendships blossoming
In harmony our kinship's growing strong
A new age is being drawn

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
8.0 2 5


The Japanese Ruling Period took place between 1895 and 1945, after the Qing Dynasty had been defeated and Taiwan was ceded to the Empire of Japan.

Thanks to the considerable modernization of Taiwan’s society, economy and education during the Japanese Ruling Period, there is a significant difference between the development level of Taiwan and that of Mainland China, which entered political instability in the end of Qing Dynasty.

The Japanese construction legacy in Taiwan made a great contribution to Taiwan’s later modernization and development.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    140 on Easy (79.10%), 199 on Hard (73.16%)
  • Hold notes
    26 on Easy (14.69%), 36 on Hard (13.24%)
  • Drag notes
    11 on Easy (6.21%), 37 on Hard (13.60%)


  • This is the only song in Chapter T which the name of the title in the artwork is not English.
  • The cycon of this song is the hat badge of Government-General of Taiwan.
  • This song, and also the next song "Money & Money" in this chapter, was sampled from the famous Taiwan folk song " Bāng Tshun-hong".
  • This is the only song in this chapter that has vocals.