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Every now and then, I think back to that pristine glass$̶%̴̸̨͠*̨_̵͡͠(͞͡͠͝… no matter the scale or design, it was at a level that humans couldn’t dream to reach even3̶̕'҉͏̸̀7̶̷͠|̵̢͡͞u͞}́҉̕|̶͏after years of advancement. It was at that time that I realized, the Architect standing beside me, facing the unknown… she… differed to humanity in this way too.

Back then, I… still believed without a doubt that we could all one day peacefully coexist.

[An excerpt from a manuscript by Rald Neumann]


Trivia from the song producer Hundotte:

I originally wrote this song for Deemo, but in the end I sent it in for Cytus instead. That’s why the piano is a prominent element throughout. The song was meant for ConneR, but it was released in Ilka instead. (but the song finally arrive in Deemo for thé Rayark’s 12th birthday)

  • I finished the composition for this song in 2 minutes, because I originally had the idea for the intro as an introduction to a DJ live set of mine (Cytoid Hundottefest) and then the rest of the piece came to me naturally. That’s why the intro violin is relatively simple, so I could play the violin part live.
  • Elysium: the Greek afterlife where heroes go beyond death. Volitation: the capability of flight. A heavenly flight through the starry, glowing Elysian Fields, through the turmoil and Chaos and battle. The name was designed to be a satire of typical Chuunibyou artcore song titles (original working title was “Heavenly Flight”). In the song, I also satired quite a few other elements typical of artcore: the amen break rattling away as the hi hats in the background, as well as the impossible piano tremolo part (unless your song is titled Alborada Del Gracioso)