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Dino Next
Majestic Phoenix
Icon Artist Cranky Genre Dubstep/Rap
Vocal N/A Cover Art SOON Chart Design No info
Chapter 5 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 2:49 Easy 4 420
BPM 140 Hard 7 622



Cytus - Dino

Difficulty Changelog

Version Easy Hard
3.0 3 7
4.5 4 7

Note Statistics

  • Click notes
    268 on Easy (63.81%), 408 on Hard (65.59%)
  • Hold notes
    41 on Easy (9.76%), 44 on Hard (7.07%)
  • Drag notes
    111 on Easy (26.43%), 170 on Hard (27.34%)

Helpful Info

The ultimate mix of dubstep, rap, and choir. Important parts are the uneven zig-zag tracks. Stay cool and get all those dem slides...!
— CookiesNWaffles
I really suprised that this song really consist of mixed up choir and rap- thingy... and those zig-zag slides... really suitable for someone that played Fruit Ninja :p
— CBeatricia
This is what I consider a tough Lv7. It's all about dem slides.
— MrGZJcool
As wub goes, it's not my favorite. But it's a nice and tricky chart.
— Semi-Squishy 3000
Right, left, right, left... ZIGZAGS! Gosh! I thought I was playing Fruit Ninja for a while
— SerialNo30000324
Epic dubstep and choir! Those zig-zag lines are a bit tough, but using 2 fingers, it's possible! This was also my first MM... god, so many memories with this beautiful piece...
— Dr. Breakfast
Great dubstep and rapping, tricky zigzags all go together amazingly.
— DropletKloud

Song List

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