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Are there things you knew but we didn't? Please feel free to share.

Are there things we knew but you didn't? Please feel free to read.


  • The name of the game, Cytus, actually comes from the name Cocytus, which means "the river of wailing" in ancient Greek mythology.
  • In update 7.0, many songs from early chapters (Chapter 1 to 3) have their charts remade, due to the serious off-sync between the audio and the chart. Certain old charts had bad design as well. Many of the charts remade have a much faster Scan Line BPM and better chart quality as compared to the old charts.
  • Although not displayed in the game itself, Cytus actually records play data in its save files, including how many times a song has been played, or the exact highest TP score up to 15 decimal places.


  • NeLiME, the composer of First Gate, Gatorix, Codename : Zero and Leviathan, was a high school student when he composed the songs.
  • ensou, the composer of COMA, is from Philippines and he is a Tagalog Rock Vocaloid producer, with all of his songs featuring the Vocaloid GUMI. (except for the song "Entropy"; it features the Vocaloid 初音ミク.)
  • Vospi, the composer of Reverence and Do Not Wake, is from Russia.
  • Project Grimoire is a team consisting of 3 Japanese illustrators, and 2 composers, Verdammt and ICE. Due to an incident with BEMANI, Brionac ended up in Cytus instead. The cover image was drawn by the 3 illustrators, which were requested by ICE. The names of the illustrators are Yūkyū, Yako, and Tetsu.
    • All of their members are from Japan. (Except for ICE, he is from Hong Kong.)
    • Their other members are Amukko, Yooh, and ke-ji (Which is all members of Team Grimoire).
  • Eyemedia's Alive: The Beginning has a faster version that plays in the results screen, and the original version was used for the title screen before Alive: Loom was used.
  • M2U is credited for helping in the composition of Predawn, which was mainly composed by NICODE, in update 7.0.
  • Hoskey is the only artist in Cytus to have his spelling changed. His name was originally in all caps until Chapter 8 and Cytus Lambda.
  • Searlait and Yoneko, the singers for Knight of Firmament, Lord of Crimson Rose and The Fallen Bloom, are actually from Taiwan even though the lyrics of the songs are in Japanese.
  • sakuzyo won the team title with VALLISTA, Neurotoxin and Laplace in BOF2011 (all three songs were composed and mapped into charts by himself).
  • Killerblood specialises in retro songs. One of the shooting NES game is the inspiration for most of his songs, especially Musik, which happens to be his favorite work of his own in Cytus. His favorite composer other than himself is ICE, and his favorite song from ICE is Entrance.
  • ICE has the most number of songs that have a difficulty of 9 including Easy difficulty, with a total of 38 (including hidden versions).
  • Haloweak and KyuRu are the only two composers from mainland China.
  • The following table lists the number of songs of the Artists:
No. of song(s) Artist(s)
1 song AILE, LOW PASS, Hero_C, Nocturne Moonrise, Haloweak, Ric, orangentle, Baroque, ginkiha, Project Grimoire, Shinichi Kobayashi, ensou, Qrabit, KyuRu, Presti, Mai Aoyagi, Kevin Penkin
2 songs Ice Bird, Alpha Legion, aioi, EBICO (Including 1 with jioyi), Vospi, Bro's, Verdammt/Project Grimoire (Including 1 with ICE/Project Grimoire), SHK, siromaru(Including 1 with Cranky), Yuk-Cheung Chun
3 songs Switchworks, DJ Mashiro (Including 2 songs with 3R2), Kiryu, jioyi (Inluding 1 with EBICO), KIVΛ, NICODE and M2U, V.K.
5 songs 3R2 (Including 2 songs with DJ Mashiro), NeLiME (including 1 song with Presti), HAMO/MILI
6 songs ani, Tsukasa, naotyu-/Suzumetune
7 songs Yamajet, xi (Including 1 with sakuzyo), Killerblood, Persona, sakuzyo (Including 1 with xi)
8 songs Hoskey, Night Keepers
9 songs Eyemedia (including 4 songs by Eyemedia members in Chapter K), Rabpit
10 songs

Video Games Orchestra

12 songs Cranky/VILA
13 songs Sta
22 songs ICE/Project Grimoire (Including 1 with Verdammt/Project Grimoire)
Crown.pngThis makes ICE the artist with the most songs in Cytus.


  • Before Cytus 9.0 came out, Sta had the most songs at 13 songs.
  • Many songs had errors in their title screens, One example being Bloody Purity, which had a spelling error which made it say "Bloody Pruity".
  • The song playing in the title screen is the short version of Alive: Loom.
  • The original song playing in the title screen was Alive: The Beginning.
  • Every song in Chapter S is a remix of an orchestral piece in history, thus a theme used for Project Symphony (tentative title), one of Rayark's games under development.
  • Nocturnal Type by switchworks is the song used in the in-game tutorial of Cytus.
  • Halcyon and Conflict are winner songs of BOF in 2010 and 2011.
  • Hercule is the only naotyu- song that doesn't have vocals.
  • Knight of Firmament and Lord of Crimson Rose are the only Eyemedia songs that have a singer.
  • First Gate Overdrive and Conflict are two hidden songs that have a preview song once they're activated.
  • ∅ (Slit), along with its hidden versions, ∞Fields and ¡Azucar! have their title begin with a symbol.
  • L and Q only have a single letter as their title.
  • Alive: The Beginning is the shortest song in Cytus at 1:18, while LNS OP is the second shortest song, at 1:33.
  • Evil Force and Infernus both have the same minor key, which is D minor.
  • Chapter L has the most number of songs which have hidden version(s) in the game (10 songs).
  • Qualia refers to individual instances of subjective, conscious experience. The cover photo in negative colors looks a lot like Earth.
  • Area184 and Area184 -Platinum Mix- have BPMs of 184 (Reference to their song titles), while Freedom Dive has a BPM of 222.22 with 1222 notes in hard mode (A reference to its BPM).
  • The girl in the title card of Freedom Dive is called Kurante, which would be Current when translated into English.
  • L2 : Ascension To The Upper is the longest song in Cytus at 7:37.
  • The most common BPM in Cytus is 180, with a grand total of 18 songs having this BPM. The second most common is 160, with 13 songs having this BPM.
  • The title of some songs can be in different languages. For instance, they could be in English (the most of them), French (Les Parfums de L'Amour), German (Zauberkugel), Italian (Vivere La Vita), Japanese (Saika), Chinese (Hua Sui Yue), etc.
  • The lyrics of some songs can be in two or more diffirent languages or functional language.
  • Undo is the only song in Cytus sung in Mandarin.
  • Mandora is a creature in another game with the same name of Rayark Inc., and is featured on the title covers of nine songs, namely Hot Air Balloon, Hey Wonder, VitMaster, The Way We Were, Sweetness Overload!!!, Afterglow, Les Parfums de Celebrez, Phubbing and Rebirth.
  • Some songs in Cytus were already part of other rhythm games, like BMS, Mozarc and o2Jam.
  • COMA by ensou and Undo by Yuk-cheung Chun are the only songs in Cytus that are not sung in full English or Japanese, but instead in Tagalog and Mandarin, respectively.
  • There are some songs that have their names changed completely when their hidden version is accessed, these songs being The Ricochet, Magnolia and Hay Fields (changed to The Long Years, Myosotis ,and ∞Fields respectively).
  • The Ricochet appears to have small images of Cytus being played on the bottom left and right corners of the art.
  • In The Ricochet, you can hear the word "The Ricochet" sometimes in the middle of the song.
  • Money & Money is the only Chapter T song to be a remix.
  • Catastrophe contains the Rayark logo in the background, along with the name Valkyrie, a reference to VOEZ, another game by Rayark (The OBB folder of VOEZ, which is com.rayark.Valkyrie)
  • L is the only song to use one of its hidden songs (L2 - Ascension: Act 1 (Loneliness)) as the preview song.
  • All of Chapter L's hidden songs are the same as the non-hidden ones. This is exclusive to Chapter L.


  • Some songs have groups of notes that resemble letters, numbers, or things. The following table lists the songs have a group of note that resembles letters, numbers, or things:
Song Part Difficulty Notes
Area184 The very last 8 bars Hard The pattern of the notes form A, R, E, A, 1, 8, and 4.
Halloween Party Easy Drag notes form the number 31, referencing the fact that Halloween is most commonly celebreated on October 31st.
Combo 530 Hard The notes form the face of a Jack-o'-lantern.
Do Not Wake Near-end part Hard There are some note groups that resemble the letters D-O-N-O-T-W-A-K-E.
Twenty One Near-end part Both 2 groups of drag notes at the end resemble the number 21.
Holy Knight Middle Hard There are hold and drag notes that resemble K.
Brionac Middle Hard Four note groups form the word PROJ, which refers to the artists of Brionac, Project Grimoire.
Conflict Middle, after the 3 3-finger note groups Hard There is a group of drag notes that form the letter C.
Halcyon The near-end part Hard Tap notes and slide notes form the Cycon for this song.
To Further Dream Middle, before combo 475-500 Hard Notes form a countdown: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.
Codename : Zero Near-beginning and near-end Hard A group of drag notes form the number 0.
Entrance Ending Hard Drag notes form a dollar sign ($), referring to the words "Money money give money" written behind the wings.
∅ (Slit) O The near end Hard A group of taps and drags forms the cycon of the song ().
Area184 -Platinum Mix- Combo 212-331 Hard Similar to Area184, patterns of notes form A-R-E-A-1-8-4-P(P stands for Platinum).
GENESYS The middle and the end part Hard A group of drag notes form the Rayark logo.
After the Bloody Purity part A group of drag notes form the letter B
Masquerade In the middle of the song Hard Many groups of notes form a butterfly.
Magnolia Easy Drag notes form the letter M.
L1: The Devastated Lower (old version) Near-end part of the song Both 2 groups of notes form the letter L and 1.
L2 : Ascension To The Upper (old version) Near the middle, combo 907-917 Hard A group of drag notes and click notes form the number 2.
L3 : Roar, On The Deserted Lands (old version) Near-end part of the song Hard 2 groups of notes form the letter L and 3.
L4 : The Unrevealed (old version) At the beginning, combo 86-96 Hard A group of click notes form an IV (The Roman numeral for 4)
L8 : Meteor - Farewell (new version) In the middle and at the very end Easy 2 sets of drag notes forms the number 8.
L8 : Meteor - Farewell (old version) Ending Both 2 groups of notes form the letter L and 8.
L9 : Meteo - Mourn (new version) Near the beginning, about combo 250 ??? A set of drag notes and a hold note form an IX (The Roman numeral for 9).
At the very end 2 hold notes, one short, one long, overlap creating a sword-like visual. It is repeated a few times.
L9 : Meteo - Mourn (old version) Near the climax, at the end ??? A zig-zag of many drag notes overlap a long hold note. The drag notes shape a heart, and the hold note resembles the sword that's pierced the heart of the character in the cover art. This pattern also closely resembles an upside-down version of the cycon for L10: In Memory of Maneo.
Cytus II
Song Part Difficulty Notes
CODE NAME : GAMMA In the middles Chaos Drag notes form the gamma symbol (γ).
Chrome VOX Hard & Chaos Drag notes ( Hard x36, Chaos x24 ) form the letter V.
Near the beginning Chaos Tap and drag notes form the letters  "V" and "X".
Brain Power Near the beginning and end Hard Drag notes form the letter O.
Middle Chaos
Middle, corresponding to the line "brain power" Chaos Hold notes and drag notes form the letters P and B.
Praystation (HiTECH NINJA Remix) Near the beginning Chaos Drag notes form the letters "PRAY".
REmorse Near the end Chaos Drag notes form the number "8".
Stranger Near the beginning Chaos Drag notes form the letter R.
小悪魔×3の大脫走!? Near the end Chaos Drag notes form the number "88" ( ? ).
Make Me Burn Near the beginning Chaos Drag notes form the letter M.
Restriction Every time the “Restriction” soundbite plays All Drag notes form the letter R.
Devillic Sphere Near the end Chaos Drag notes form the letter S.
Pure Powerstomper Near the beginning and in the middle Hard & Chaos Drag notes form the letter P.
Celestial Sounds (KIVΛ Remix) In the middle to end Chaos Drag notes form the letters "OK","KIVΛ", and shape like .
CHAOS Near the end Chaos Drag notes form the letter A.
Reset The end Chaos Extending hold note and drag notes form the letter "R".
V. In the middle Easy & Chaos Drag notes form the letter "V".
Area184 The very last 8 bars Chaos Click notes and click-drag notes form the letters"AREA184".
CODE NAME : SIGMA In the middle x2 Chaos Drag notes form the Sigma symbol (Σ).
I luv U In the middle Chaos Drag notes form "I" "❤" "U".
LEVEL4 Near the beginning Chaos Drag notes form numbers "1" "2" "3" "4".
Make U Mine In the middle Chaos Drag notes form the letter "M".
DJ Mashiro is dead or alive In the middle, when the distorted voice says “4, 3, 2, 1” Chaos Drag notes form numbers "4" "3" "2" "1".
BREAK IT Though the song Chaos x24 Drag and hold notes form the letter B.
Miku Beginning Chaos Drag notes form the Japanese letter ミク and a shape which resembles .
Sharing The World Though the song Chaos x5 Drag notes form the letter S.
ラッキー☆オーブ In the end Chaos Drag notes form the number "39".
月西江 Near the end Chaos Drag notes form the Moon (Waxing crescent🌒、Waning crescent🌘、First Quarter🌓、Full Moon🌕).
Ten Thousand Stars Through the song Chaos x8 Very fast drag notes form a Pentagram.
Cybernetic Through the song Chaos x3 Drag notes form the shape like .
Decade In the middle Chaos x5 Drag notes form the letter D.
XYZ Through the song Chaos Drag notes that form the letters X and Z at the beginning and end respectively and very fast click notes and a drag note form the letter Y in the middle.
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