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What did that make you feel?
I'd like to know how you felt;
And I will help you rise above this,
When something's gone out of kilter.


  • Along with Dasein, this is one of the two songs that were carried over from Cytus OMEGA.
    • In Cytus Omega, the name of the song is "Devillic Sphere".
      • This change however is now applied on a recent update in Cytus II now spelling the song from Devilic Sphere to Devillic Sphere
      • However when unlocking this song by clicking on the iM post, it will still be shown as Devilic Sphere.
  • There are three 6s in the song data, all in different digits (BPM: 160, Hard Notecount: 608, Chaos Notecount: 876), refrencing 666, which is known as the Devil’s Number or the Number of the Beast, referencing the song’s title.
  • Of the three songs with charts which play during a story event, this is the only one to only have one story chart. The others, CHAOS and V. have two story charts, a bit crushed short version and a normal full version.
  • The Crash chart was added in 4.1.