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Cytus R - Devil in Wonderland - VILA


  • This song is entitled "Enormous Alpaca" on the song selection.
  • Alpaca is shown on several occasions to be Cranky's favorite animal (He has a stuffed version of it).

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
7.0 4 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    307 on Easy (69.77%), 571 on Hard (56.70%)
  • Hold notes
    66 on Easy (15.00%), 59 on Hard (5.86%)
  • Drag notes
    67 on Easy (15.23%), 377 on Hard (37.44%)

Helpful Info[]

If you want to MM this song, be sure to get your eyes ready. One blink may bring you despair if you're not concentrated enough. Hold & Beat Click can be tricky sometimes so just hold it to the end while clicking other notes. Beginning is the most horrifying killer in here though.


An epic song and epic chart. This makes you being extremely concentrated for the whole journey. Watch out for note count 580-650, that is so devilish!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe someone can master it...


Choir. Alpacas. Drags. Clicks. 8-bit. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!?


EPIC!! EVERYTHING IS EPIC!! The Song. Chiptune. Chart. Alpacas...



Sweetie <3

Savagely difficult song with a wickedly fun chart. Thumb players with fat thumbs can just drag through all the zigzags, while tablet players can just use two fingers. The offset slides can be easily nailed with multiple fingers.