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Cytus - Darkness

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy/Combo Hard/Combo
3.0 (Old Chart) 2 7[410]
3.0.2 (Revised) 3 8
4.5 5 8


Take me down.
Do what you wanna do baby, it's on you. (x2)
Check the mic and make sure it sounds right, boy. Yeah.
Gonna walk around man, who the hell are you?

Go around town, people try to hit It down.
Don't you know, that it's true, don't you know

you ready for this? (x3)

People in the middle of alley wanna bump in everybody
who just say that people's not gonna be the trump.
For the people in the middle of alley wanna bump in everybody
who just say that people's not gonna be the trump. (x3)

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    214 on Easy (87.70%), 462 on Hard (86.68%)
  • Hold notes
    16 on Easy (6.56%), 14 on Hard (2.63%)
  • Drag notes
    14 on Easy (5.74%), 57 on Hard (10.69%)


  • This is the shortest song in Chapter 4.
  • This is the first song that had 4 simultaneous tap notes.
  • In version 3.0, Rayark accidentally missed out the piano section at the end of this song. It was fixed in 3.0.2.
  • This song had the fastest scanline before 4.0 (beaten by Q by 0.8 beats)
  • This is the only song not included in Chapter L song to have 4 simultaneous tap notes.

Helpful Info[]

Sounds a bit awkward at the start, but get ready for some epicness and a fun song chart. Also, the 4-note group is after a 3-note group at the end, so be quick to catch it. The line is really fast.


The scan line is quick, so watch that. Front parts are relatively easy, ending is really fast.


As MrGZJcool says, the scan line is quite rapid. The start isn't really a problem until you reach the 3-note group right before the 4-group one. From there you might want to accelerate… slightly.


V.K is my fav. composer in Deemo, but this song...... this is a real demonic song: fast line, complicated notes at the ending. This song is..... too much...


Hurray for four-taps! Man, this song's pretty hard. But it's mostly the end, so you may want to practice that part.

Semi-Squishy 3000

Not too difficult, but you'll definitely need to work on calming your muscles in your hands before going for the Master (if your hands feel like lead, you're doing it wrong). After this, work on your accuracy, especially in utilising your hands for the four-tap. One more piece of advice I have: try using one hand for the individual columns. By that, I mean when four double notes appear in a row on the left side of the screen, and then four more appear on the right side, use two fingers from one hand on the left column, and then alternate and use two fingers on the right hand for the next column. Do this correctly, and it will be MUCH easier than frantically moving your two hands between the columns.


This song used to have the fastest scroll speed prior to 4.0 so it isn't an easy song. Keep your fingers ready for the triple note and the quadruple note.


Wonderful rhythm and breathtaking killer. Be sure that you prepare the fourth finger after the third finger immediately. This song requires two-finger coordination and obviously, speed. After you get these 2 things ready, you will get master and TP 100 in a very short period, like me, in a single day.


Damn, this song is cool. Who rapped the lyrics? Anyways, I actually did a competition with this song, this is actually one of the songs that I thought was RIDICULOUSLY FAST. I tried this with thumbs, didn't really do much at all! I kept panicking through out all this.

Captain "Heichou" Dayren

Tip to be prepared against the simultaneous 3 and 4-note group, Pay attention on the simultaneous 2-note group on the "People in the middle" part cuz next of it was the 3 and then 4 you know it.


Practice makes perfect. That because if you rarely practice, the triple-quadruple notes will punch you in the face.