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...What kind of class holds a reunion three months after graduation?


Daniel Evans is a non-playable character in Cytus II. He was Aroma's former classmate in high school.


"Back then, Aroma, me, and a few other classmates were quite close and we all had pretty good grades."


Daniel is reserved and closed off, not preferring to speak much, and when he has to, it's mostly with short-word sentences, unless he has to explain things. He isn't very fond of others and prefers to avoid meetings with large groups of people, which is why he wished not to go to the class reunion Clara hosted and even teased her for not being able to gather everyone there.

Like a few other people, he was close with Aroma, but that changed when her accident happened, as she became more timid and stopped being liked by many to the point where they bullied her. Daniel, as he had a crush on her, did not participate in such acts, and sometimes tried to stop them, even getting mad at other students for bullying Aroma like that, though none of them ever listened. A while after, he began to see how much Aroma had changed, to the point where he believed she was a completely different person and thought her behavior was strange. Eventually, they lost contact completely.

Now, he lives with Clara, who is his girlfriend.