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Cytus II

Who Am I?'s Glitch chart is the only free Glitch chart in the game.

Cytus I

Project Grimoire is a team consisting of 3 Japanese illustrators, and 2 composers, Verdammt and ICE. Due to an incident with BEMANI, Brionac ended up in Cytus instead. The cover image was drawn by the 3 illustrators, which was requested by ICE.



Android: 10.0.14
Requires Android 4.4 or later

iOS: 10.0.14
Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Cytus II

Requires Android 4.4 or later/iOS 10.0 or later

Cytus α (Alpha)

Nintendo Switch: 1.0.5
Requires Nintendo Switch devices

Cytus λ (Lambda)

PS Mobile: 6.0.0
Requires PS Vita or PlayStation® Certified devices


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Chapter Deemo: 11 — 1.74%
Chapter L: 75 — 11.83%
Chapter Million: 283 — 44.64%
Cytus Alive: 14 — 2.21%
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Cytus I

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Cytus II

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