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Disclaimer from WheatyTruffles: I've officially withdrawn from this page. Although you can still find several other challenges from others on this page, I'm not going to be releasing anymore myself. Nevertheless, enjoy the page!

Hey, a new weird page from WheatyTruffles! This page is about CHALLENGES, as every Tuesday and Friday, a new type of challenge to accomplish in Cytus will be posted by me!

Like my other page, Best Songs Weekly, this got a lot of motivation from a dead page, or a blog in this case. This page is based off of Kht48's old blog "DARE ME!".

In a similar fashion to "DARE ME!", I'll be releasing a new challenge every Tuesday and every Friday. There will be an Easy and a Hard challenge, so don't worry if you're a bit less experienced. Be aware that the Easy and Hard challenges don't comply to the separate difficulties (for example, if the song is L - Hard, the Easy challenge will still be on Hard difficulty. It will just be easier to accomplish).

Note that these challenges have been accomplished by me beforehand, so you won't be getting anything like "Million Master Freedom Dive". To prove previous success, I'll also be posting my best attempt at each challenge on the day before the next challenge.

Also like "DARE ME!", I'll often be adding my own little twists to the challenges. Be warned, I have several devious tricks up my sleeve...

Here comes the onslaught! Prepare yourself!!

What kind of challenges?

Semi-Squishy 3000 has cookies high-score challenges. He also specializes in Tone Sphere challenges.

CookiesNWaffles has Handicapped High-score / TP challenges. She also provide No-twist, No-easy Challenges.

Cindy Serenity has combination between Alive and Original chapter challenges. (And a few insane challenges)

Basic1234 has rubbish Variety SEMI INSANE Challenges.

SerialNo30000324 has stupid / silly handicapped challenges (you can call it CYTUS NO HAND MODE)

X3Atlas has story challenges.

Plattie 99 has Simple Progressive Challenges. Or, rather "Simple" Progressive Challenges.

For more rank-based challenges, check out Weekly Cytus Challenges.

You can find DocWeldin's and Thaskya's challenges at The Vault of Lost Challenges. You'll also find WheatyTruffles' and Clayton0139's old challenges there as well.

Semi-Squishy 3000's High-Score Challenges[]

Date Song Difficulty Name Challenge My Best
9/8/14 Lord of Crimson Rose Hard, 8 "Taking the helm"

Easy: Get 960000 points, no twist

Hard: Match my high score by Million Mastering this song (Bonus: TP90)

Best score:



Masquerade Hard, 9 "Shall we dance?"

Easy: Get 860000 points, no twist

Hard: Beat my high score of 915788 (Bonus: TP91.5)

Best score:



Yurero Hard, 7 "Make that finger bounce!"

Easy: Get 850000 points, one finger

Hard: Beat my 1-finger high score of 992234 (Bonus: TP86)

Best score:



Old Gold Hard, 8 "On the dance floor"

Easy: Get 805000 points, any two fingers from the SAME hand

Hard: Beat my 2-finger high score of 864777 (Bonus: TP87)

Best score:



In this order:

Hard, 8/9 "Boss Rush:

You're listening to Xi radio. All Xi, all the time. ♪"

Easy: Get 4,300,000 points (cumulative)

Hard: Beat my best total of 5,316,668.

Best total:



East West Wobble Hard, 8 "Shake it like a polaroid picture"

Easy: Get 875000 points, no twist

Hard: Beat my high score of 901997 (Bonus: TP90)

Best score:



Hey Wonder Hard, 6 "It's my birthday!"

Easy: Get 837500 points, one finger (unless there are two simultaneous hold notes, in which case you may use a second finger to hit both)

Hard: Beat my 1/2-finger high score of 989,811 (Bonus: TP84)

Best score:



Bloody Purity Easy, 8 "Hemophilia"

Easy: Get 810000 points, one hand

Hard: Beat my one-hand high score of 891069 (Bonus: TP88)

Best score:


Bonus for 22/8/14

Chemical Star Easy, 1 "THIS IS STUPID"

Easy: Get 750000 points, use nose

Hard: Beat my nose high score of 804124 (Bonus: TP70.5)

Best score:



Halcyon Hard, 9 "Oh, how we reveled in our halcyon days"

Easy: Get 750000 points, one hand

Hard: Beat my one-hand high score of 822808 (Bonus: TP76.5)

Best score:


Bonus for 24/8/14


Easy: Get 785000 points, use balled-up fists

Hard: Beat my fist high score of 879311 (Bonus: TP81)

Best score:



positive dance "Final RAVE" Normal, 3 "A change of pace"

Easy: Get ☆☆☆☆

Hard: Beat my high score of 311292 (☆☆☆☆☆)

Best total:



Freedom Dive Hard, 9 "You know, in retrospect... this was maybe not a good idea"

Easy: Get 490000 points, one hand

Hard: Beat my one hand high score of 586438 (Bonus: TP55)

Best total:



In this order:

Hard, 6-9 "Boss Rush:

Now Playing: Some ice-cold jams ♪"

Easy Score: 3,900,000 points

Hard Score: Beat my total of 4,442,763 points

Easy TP: TP390

Hard TP: Beat my total of TP431.25

Best total:



Bonus for 1/9/14

The Red Coronation Hard, 9 "Truly tragic, if truth be told"

Easy: Beat my high score of 902823

Hard: Hit my stretch goal of 955000

Best score:



Where You Are Not Hard, 8 "Where eight of your fingers are not"

Easy: Score 920,000 points, any two fingers

Hard: Beat my 2-finger score of 969,877 (Bonus: TP90.5)

Best score:


2/9/14 because why not

Flugel Normal, 8.5 "For whom the bell tolls"

Easy: 2 stars

Hard: 3 stars

Best score:

3 stars


Hard de Koneko (choose a level!) Easy, 3

Normal, 5

Hard, 6.5

Expert, 8.5

"A bad, bad girl"

Easy: Easy 5☆, Normal 4☆, Hard 3☆, or Expert 1☆

Hard: My records: Easy 6☆, Normal 5☆, Hard 4☆, or Expert 3☆

Good luck!

Moar 11/9/14!

Flugel Hard, 11 "For whom else the bell tolls"

Challenge: Get 2☆

Best score:

2 star


Revoluxionist Hard, 9 "And the shot heard 'round the world was the end of the revoluxion"

Easy: TP92

Hard: TP94.54

Best score:



L2A Hard, 9 "[S] Squishy: Ascend."

Easy: 800,000 points

Hard: Beat my recent high score of 859,604 (Bonus: TP80)

Best score:



Violet Hard, 9 "You're sure this song isn't called 'Let's Practice 8-Note Groups'?"

Easy: 950,000 points

Hard: Beat my high score of 975,905 (Bonus: Million Master w/ TP97)

Best score:



¡Azucar! Hard, 8 "Sucrose, fructose, or glucose!"

Easy: 990,000 points

Hard: Beat my high score of 997,632 (Bonus: Million Master w/ TP96)

Best score:



Endless Journey Hard, 7 "If you couldn't tell yet, I'll tell you now. I like Chapter 0."

Easy: Full Combo

Hard: Full Combo w/ exactly 1 Good

Best score:



Zauberkugel Hard, 9 "Shoot like-a-boss II"

Easy: 955,000 points

Hard: Match my high score and Million Master this song with at least TP96

Expert: Pull a Raikkonen and get TP100

Best score:




Shoot out Hard, 7 "Don't be so... *shades* SYNNICAL! (I'm so done...)"

Easy: Beat my high score with a Million Master

Hard: Then smash it wide open with TP99 or better

Expert: Or be like me and score exactly 999,511 points three times in a row

Best score:



Bonus for 24/9/2014

East West Wobble Hard, 8 "Smooth TP"


a) Clear this song

b) Do not get TP100

c) Get a TP that is a multiple of 10

Best score:



positive dance "Final RAVE" (choose a level!) Normal, 3

Hard, 7.5

Expert, 9.5

"Raving like you just don't care"

Easy: Normal 6☆, Hard 4☆, or Expert 1☆

Hard: My records: Hard 6☆ or Expert 3☆

Note: You unlock Expert with a 6☆ on Hard.


Chapter 0 Hard, 6-9 "The prequel to something great"

Easy: Get 9,000,000 points total (Hard only)

Hard: Get at least an S on every song (Hard only)

Expert: Score 9,900,000 points (Hard only)

Best total: 9,925,272


Masquerade and AXION Hard, 9 "New high scores"

Easy: 900,000 on Masquerade, 880,000 on Axion

Hard: Beat my recently acquired high scores of 975,291+TP94 on Masquerade and 935,516+TP92 on Axion

Expert: Get 1,000,000+TP96 on Masquerade AND 970,000+TP95 on Axion

Best scores: See left


Handlebars [Microphone] "I can ride my bike with a microphone"

Easy: Get a B

Hard: Beat my score of 1,254,168

Expert: Get an S

osu!: Get a silver SS

Best score: 1,254,168




Placebo Dying






(Note: the Scatman map you want is by Extor)

"Things I never thought I'd do"

PD Easy: Clear this song with no mods

PD Hard: Beat my score of 208,870

PD Expert: Get an A

PD osu!: Get a silver S

SC Easy: Clear this song +HT

SC Hard: Clear this song with no mods

SC Expert: Beat my score of 502,617 (HT allowed)

SC osu!: Get an A with no mods







B (+HT)



YUBIKIRI-GENMAN Hard, 7 "This looks promising"

Easy: 90%

Hard: Beat my high score of 99.19% (FC)

Expert: AC on speed 6 or greater

Best score: 99.19% (FC) on speed 4


At the same time:

Easy, 1

Easy, 1

"Do a duet!"

Easy: Clear both

Hard: Beat my total of 1,931,555

Expert: Score all 2,000,000

Best score: 934910 and 997245


Sweets Holic Expert, 10 "I think we can all tell what this picture is implying. This being that you should eat more candy."

Easy: Two stars

Hard: Beat my score of 939,154 (Three stars)

Sugary: Five stars

Best score: 939154

Three stars

740 Combo

Poly Terra's Handicapped Challenges[]

Date Song Difficulty Name Challenge My Best

11/9/14 (First Challenge)

One of two songs:

Hard, 8/9 "Through Ender's Gate, downwards"

Easy: Get 930000 points on First Gate, 880000 points on First Gate Overdrive, both with your device placed upside down

Hard: Beat my high score of 976502 in First Gate, 933833 points on First Gate Overdrive, both with device placed upside down

OP: Get 1000000 points in First Gate and 950000 points on First Gate Overdrive, both with device place upside down

Best score:

First Gate: 976,502 First Gate Overdrive: 933,833


In this order:

Hard, 8/9 "An Arm and A Leg"

Easy: Get 90TP on Hard Landing (with leg tapping to the beat), and 800000 points on Entrance (using one hand only)

Hard: Beat my high score of 94.21TP on Hard Landing (with leg tapping to the beat), and 881673 points on Entrance (using one hand only)

OP: Get 97TP on Hard Landing (with leg tapping to the beat), and 930000 points on Entrance (using one hand only)

Best score:

Hard Landing: 977,818 with 94.21TP, Entrance: 881,673 with 85.76TP


Where You Are Not Hard, 8 "Where your pinkies are (shall turn the life upside down)"

Easy: Get 850000 points on Where You Are Not using pinkies and with device upside-down

Hard: Beat my high score of 893034 on Where You Are Not using pinkies and with device upside-down

OP: Get 935000 points on Where You Are Not using pinkies and with device up-side down

Best score:

893,034 with 90.42 TP


Zauberkugel Hard, 9 "Shoot like-a-boss"

Easy: Get 800000 points on Zauberkugel with device facing vertically.

Hard: Beat my high score of 879792 points on Zauberkugel with device facing vertically.

OP: Get 915000 points on Zauberkugel with device facing vertically

Best score:

879,792 points with 87.26 TP

23/9/2014 (Record release on 10/1/2014)

Codename : Zero Hard, 9 "Falling from the plane (At your wits'end!)"

Easy: Get 845000 points on CN0 using only your fourth fingers and pinkies

Hard: Beat my high score on CN0 using only your fourth fingers and pinkies. Record will be released on 1/10/2014.

OP: Get 925000 points or higher on CN0 using only your fourth fingers and pinkies.

Best score:

24/9/2014 (Bonus: LUCKY CHALLENGE)

Hot Air Balloon Hard, 5 "Good Luck Rayark Games!"

Lucky: Get a TP with two reoccurring digits (EG. 89.98, 99.77)

Jackpot: Match my first attempt TP of 88.88

Fun fact: 8 is a lucky number for Chinese. It stands for prosperity and wealth.

26/9/2014 (Boss Rush)

Future World, Landscape, The Black Case, The Blocks We Loved, Halcyon, Old Gold Hard, 7-9 "Rusty Legends"

Easy: Get 895000 points for each of these songs. The Blocks We Loved and Halcyon to be done with any two fingers, Landscape and The Black Case to be done with one hand, Old Gold to be done with pinkies only. (Bonus: get 87TP for Future World)

Hard: Get 925000 points and above for each of these songs, same conditions. (Bonus: Get 94TP for Future World)

OP: Get 975000 points and above for each of these songs, same conditions. (Bonus: Get 99TP for Future World)


1/10/2014 (This is experimental)

Codename : Zero Hard, 9 "Stylus on Cytus (and random planes)"

Easy: Get 795000 points on CN0 using two styluses

Hard: Beat my score using two styluses. (Coming out soon)

OP: Get 895000 points on CN0 using 2 styluses



AXION, L, L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation), The Last Illusion Hard, 8,9 "The Life, turned upside down" Easy: Get 865000 points on AXION, 835000 points on L, 825000 points on L2B, and 905000 points on The Last Illusion, all with device upside-down

Hard: Beat my score, the same songs above with device upside down

OP: Get 950000 points on AXION, 935000 points on L, 905000 points on L2B, and Million Master on The Last Illusion, all with device upside down.



Area184 and Colorful Skies Hard, 9 "Day of Days, Night of Nights"

Easy: Get 865000 points on Area184 and 900000 points on Colorful Skies with device upside-down

Hard: Get 900000 points on Area184 and 945000 points on Colorful Skies with device upside-down

OP: Beat my score on Area184 and Colorful Skies. (Bonus: 95TP on Area184, 99TP on Colorful Skies)


8/10/2014 (Bonus)

Biotonic Hard, 9 "Double Soul, No Life"

Easy: Get Million Master (Bonus: 96TP or better)

Hard: Get Million Master two time IN A ROW (Bonus: 97TP or better each time)

OP: Or be like me and get Million Master three times IN A ROW (Bonus: 98TP or better, second time TP must be better than first time, and third time TP is the best among the three)

Third time:


Codename : Zero Hard, 9 "If you just realized, I like CN0. Naw here's an upside-down one."

Easy: Get 845000 points on CN0, with device upside down

Hard: Get 875000 points on CN0, with device upside down

OP: Beat my score on CN0 with device upside down (Bonus: 97TP)

Highest score:

10/10/2014 (Bonus)

L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation), Codename : Zero and Freedom Dive Hard, 9 "Hell at your pinkies (Pencil, Plane and Placed in Air)

Easy: Get 715000 points on L2B, CN0 and FD all with your pinkies

Hard: Get 765000 points on L2B, CN0 and FD all with your pinkies

OP: Beat my score on L2B, CN0 and FD all with your pinkies

God mode: Get 865000 points on L2B, CN0 and FD all with your pinkies

Highest score:


L Hard, 9 "How bout no...?"

Easy: Get 850000 points on L with device placed vertically

Hard: Beat my score on L with device placed vertically

OP: Get 945000 points on L with device placed vertically

Highest score:


Bloody Purity Hard, 9 "Bloody Pinkies?"

Easy: Get 850000 points on Bloody Purity with only your pinkies

Hard: Beat my score on Bloody Purity with only your pinkies

OP: Get 955000 points on Bloody Purity with only your pinKies.

Highest score:

29/10/2014 (Gosh, sick!)

Scherzo, Alive: Disaster Hard, 6/7 "Long, easy challenges (Maybe not?)"

Easy: Get 865000 points on both songs with one hand only.

Hard: Beat my score on both songs with one hand only.

OP: Get 930000 points on both songs with one hand only.

Highest score: Thumbnails to be released

1/11/2014 (Minseo2000's Challenge)

L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation), Codename : Zero, Freedom Dive Hard, 9 "This seems familiar, oh WAIT..."

Easy: Get 450000 points on each of these songs, 1 PINKIE

Hard: Beat Minseo2000's score on each of these songs, 1 PINKIE

OP: Get 550000 points on each of these songs, 1 PINKIE (I did it!)

God: Same as OP, but device placed vertically. (IMPOSSIBRU!)

Highest score by me!


Date Song Difficulty Name Challenge My Best
22/09/2014 Saika Hard, 7 "Japanese Jackpot"

Easy: Get a TP comprised entirely of the same digit (like 44.44, 88.88, etc.)

Hard: Get a TP with all Japanese lucky numbers (77.77)

Bonus: Million Master this song (I can't do this yet...)

901,519 , TP 77,77%


Masquerade Hard, 9 "So close...."

Easy : Score between 899,000 to 899,999 points

Hard: Match my high score of 899,997

Thumbnails coming soon...
25-09-14 Vivere La Vita Hard, 7 "Living the life with a paralyzed finger" RAIKKONEN MODE : MM this song, ONE FINGER ONLY (Use two for the double hold) I CANNOT DO THIS

Cindy Serenity's Agility Challenge[]

Date Song Difficulty Name Challenge My Hand Speed Challenge Description
2014-11-08 Violet Hard, 9 8-note Insanity part 1 Obtain rank A 7 notes/second N/A
2014-11-08 Freedom Dive Hard, 9 Killing Hands Obtain rank B 

10 notes/second (OH)

13 notes/second (2H)

2014-11-15 Alive: The Silence Hard, 7 Cry of a Sister (10-month departure special) Obtain MM at least 12 conseq. times 7 notes/second This song reminds me of my departed brother, I cried everytime I played this song. 

SerialNo30000324's CYTUS NO HAND MODE[]

Date Song Difficulty Name Challenge My Best


First challenge 

Chemical Star Easy, 1 "Chemical Nose"

Easy: Get a score over 800K with your nose

Hard: Get a score over 900K with your nose

Insane: Get a score of 1M with your nose

ARE YOU CRAZY?: Get a TP100 with your nose

Chemical Star MM with nose


Alive: Vanessa Hard, 9 "Paralysis"

Easy: Get a score over 200K with your toes

Normal: Get a score over 250K with your toes

Hard: Get a score over 300K with your toes

Insane: Get a score over 400K with your toes

Next to impossible: Get a score over 500K with your toes



Green Eyes Easy, 1 "The Song a Certain Cylien Hates"

Easy: Get a score over 700K with your nose

Normal: Get a score over 800K with your nose

Hard: Get a score over 850K with your nose

Insane: Get a score over 900K with your nose

Next to impossible: Get a score over 950K with your nose

A Song a Certain Cylien Hates

X3Atlas' Fanfic Challenges[]


Song Difficulty Progression Challenge My Best


L, L2 - Ascension: Act 1 (Loneliness), L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation) Hard, > 9 Once, in the (mostly) peaceful town of Wafflesvale, there were three sisters, named Lynn, Lilian-Anne, and Lucy-Bridget. They were preparing for the biggest reward of all their hard work for the final exams-prom night!

"Are you two slowpokes finished yet?" Lucy yelled. "We're gonna be late!"

Easy: Average score > 840000, average TP > 82.00

Hard: Average score > 875000, average TP > 86.00

Ludicrous: At least 2 'A's or better, average score over 880000, average TP 94.50

Average score: 870000~

Average TP: 87.66


Halcyon Hard, 9 The three sisters slowly walked to their school for the prom. Lucy was being more enthusiastic than usual, remarking to pretty much everyone on the street about this night being 'the best she ever wil have'. Surprisingly, Lilian, who was much more demure, was also excited-an extreme rarity. And Lynn would have felt the same, if she did not so much stress weighing down on her.

Easy: Score > 850000, TP > 79.00

Hard: Score > 920000, TP > 85.00

Name For An Increased Difficulty: Score > 960000, TP > 95, device vertical

Score: 920598

TP: 85.09


Codename : Zero,Freedom Dive, L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation) Hard, > 9 After about 10 minutes, they (or rather, Lucy) burst through the prom hall doors like a triad boss. All eyes on her as she walked to her two besties: Kurante, famous actress since young; and Cole, international shooting champion, with a pistol, no less. Lucy herself is one of the smartest and best-looking girls in the whole school. They are the envy of everyone around here, and well-respected as role models to boot.

Easy: Average score > 835000, Average TP > 82.00

Hard: Average score > 860000, Average TP > 85.00

Insane: Have at least 3 people attempt challenge together. At least 3 'A's, at least 7 'B's, Average score > 870000, Average TP > 88.00

Average score: 863000~

TP: 84.76


L2 - Ascension: Act 1 (Loneliness),Saika Hard, 8-9 The calm to Lucy's exuberance, Lilian naturally gravitated toward her more conservative peers. Of all of them, Naoko was her closest, and the only one at the prom (the others did not like the 'atmosphere' of the event).

Easy: Average score > 860000, Average TP > 76.00

Hard: Average score > 935000, Average TP > 81.00

Crazy: Play at least three songs with scan line speed > 180 bpm, then attempt challenge. Only for songs in challenge, average score > 950000, average TP > 83.50

Average score: 873000~

TP: 79.34


Alive: The Lost Hard, 7-8 And as for Lynn... nobody wanted to be with her. A complex mix of social repression from her parents (because Lucy was a 'moral catastrophe'), comparatively average looks and white hair from all that social stress caused her to be isolationist and constantly afraid. She felt inferior in every way, constantly berating herself for not being good enough... This was no exception. She was the one here without any friends to be with.

Easy: Score > 875000, TP > 82.00

Hard: Score > 930000, TP > 88.75

Originally Insensitive Name: While in a social event where you have nobody to be with, Score = 1000000, TP > 93.00

Score: 951342

TP: 91.32


YURERO,Hey Wonder Hard, 6-8 Soon, the party got real as guest stars Bro's entered the stage, much to the delight of the girls and the envy of the guys. They commanded the attention of the youths within the hall with their vigour and energy, making sure this was going to be the best night of the youths' lives.

Easy: Average score > 880000, Average TP > 89.00

Hard: Average score > 925000, Average TP > 93.00

Sweg: Playing upside down (lying on back), average score > 860000, Average TP > 77.00



Evil Force Hard, 8 In the following excitement, nobody noticed Lynn sneak away from the hall to the corridor. Before she began to silently chastise herself about 'comparative inferiority' again, a demonic figure, grey and spiny, teleported itself in front of Lynn, clenched her by the neck, murmured something about sacrifice, and teleported away, leaving absolutely nobody else any clue that she could be in grave danger.

Easy: Score > 870000, TP > 85.00

Hard: Score > 915000, TP > 93.20

EVIL: Using one hand and at most three fingers (no thumbs), Score = 1000000, TP > 92.50



Entrance Hard, 9 The next morning...

Lucy stirred from a hangover from the night. Lilian was waiting impatiently and frightened beside her. She babbled something about Lynn being missing, followed by Lucy's immediate attention. The demon-thingy that abducted Lynn last night then teleported in, holding Lynn in a cage Lava Golem -style, and spoke,


Easy: Score > 840000, TP > 80.00

Hard: Score > 880000, TO > 84.00

Cyber Dragon: With colours inverted, score > 950000, TP > 87.50

Score: 960003

TP: 85.34


Freedom Dive Hard, >(>9) Lucy and Lilian searched for anyone that could even help them rescue Lynn from...whatever this God-King thing was. However, everybody declined on grounds of 'busy-ness' or 'go home Lucy you're drunk'. Well, everyone except two people: Kurante, who wanted to explore every dangerous ground possible (since she was dangerous enough herself) and Cole, who sorely wanted to experiment with the physics of firearms without getting arrested. After about 5 minutes of planning (mostly from Lilian), they set off into the far north of the Boredom Tundra, in Kurante's private jet, using GPS coordinates helpfully given by, in Lucy's words, the Furry Fiend.

Easy: Score > 775000, TP > 82.00

Hard: Score > 830000, TP > 85.00

Painful: Play at least 2 songs with scan line BPM < 80, then attempt challenge. For Freedom Dive only, score > 840000, TP > 86.00

CANNOT CONTROL: Become DLight and MM this... And then become Cookiezi and get at least 97% on this in osu!

Score: 836154

TP: 87.98


Niflheimr Hard, 8.2 Through an hour of impatience, they reached the supposed place. It seemed unconvincing enough, appearing like just another cave in the Boredom Tundra, and those were plentiful. In fact, there were already at least 2 other caves near them. The four did not need to voice their confusion/frustration-it was apparent enough. Still, this was the only clue to where Lynn could be, and her possible rescue. They entered the nondescript cave somewhat begrudgingly, until Cole tripped over an icicle and sent all of them tumbling into the darkness...

Easy: Score > 875000, TP > 90.00

Hard: Score > 930000, TP > 93.00

(Not Exactly) Hell: In low light conditions (device brightness is up to you), score = 1000000, TP > 96.50

Score: 927980 (Ouch)

TP: 96.20


Infernus Hard-ish, 8 After an uncomfortably long tumble, the four landed in a throne room of sorts-exquisitely crafted ice sculptures, intelligible world dominion plans, various (and mostly female) servants, among other traits. In the far side of the room was a humanoid figure reclining in what resembled the Frozen Throne, clad in full plate armor obscuring any flesh that would have been visible (if any). To his right was the Furry Fiend, staring intently at them like a hunter, and to the left was Lynn, who was frozen in place up to her neck, but seemingly, not much fear on her face. Lucy could not stand seeing Lynn like this and rushed to the rescue, despite the other three trying to restrain her...

Easy: Score > 870000, TP > 85.00

Hard: Score > 920000, TP > 91.00

Vile: With any two handicaps of your choice, score = 1000000, TP > 96.00

Score: 926616

TP: 94.89


The Red Coronation Hard, a bit > 9 Lucy's sudden charge alerted the God-King. He cast a Frost Nova that froze the four up to the waist, immobilising them.

"What is the meaning of this incursion?!?" "We have come to rescue Lynn from your EVIL grasp!" The ice began to feel even colder. "You? A tumbling troupe of inconsequential mortals?" He laughed somewhat evilly. "Usually, at this point, I will make an example of my supremacy by your execution-but since you are so close to my prized possession... Reeves, seal them in the Hall of Stasis. They will see what I have in store for her for ETERNITY."

Easy: Score > 860000, TP > 88.00

Hard: Score > 920000, TP > 92.20

Chaotic: In an extremely crowded place (e.g. public transport), score > 960000, TP > 95.00

Score: 923554

TP: 95.19


L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation) Extreme, >10 The four were dragged, horribly roughly, up some stairs and were tossed into a fully transparent corridor, the only door out locking behind them. The Hall was designed so that its prisoners were subjected to eternal torment from watching all that they hold dear slowly crumble away helplessly - and Lucy was not keen on that happening to her. As the ice on her feet started to climb up her legs, as with the others, she had to act fast or be frozen forever. It was time to put activate her Birthright Ability: Emancipation. Her senses temporarily sharpened vastly, becoming more aware of her surroundings - and how to escape.

Easy: Score > 780000, TP > 78.00

Hard: Score > 850000, TP > 83.00

Garrett: After at least 30 minutes in < 20 degrees Celsius while wearing shirt, pants, underwear and NOTHING more, score > 870000, TP > 88.00

Score: 855638

TP: 86.59


[Precipitation at the Entrance ver.A]],Precipitation at the Entrance ver.B Quite Painful, 10 In a stunning display of agility, Lucy smashed every last shard of ice in the Hall of Stasis, then shattered the barrier between the Hall before leaping to the steps before the God-King's throne. The rest followed suit rather sloppily. The God-King contained his surprise.

"Perhaps... I have underestimated you. Very well, you will all have the privilege of battling - and ultimately being defeated by - me." He stood up slowly.

"Prepare to-"

Lucy, Kurante and Cole jumped on him, to keep him occupied, while Lilian worked on breaking Lynn's restraints, while avoiding Reeves' oversized grasps.

Easy: Average score > 870000, average TP > 83.00

Hard: Average score > 915000, average TP > 88.00

Somewhat Insane: Using maximum one finger per hand, average score > 960000, TP > 92.50

Average score: 934293

Average TP: 89.12


Codename : Zero Dislocation Analogy, 11 Even with his near limitless power, the God-King could not fight off the three, and furthermore, Lilian has already broken all of Lynn's shackles. But he will not be defeated by these inconsequential fools - by any means necessary.

"Reeves, retrieve the girl, and escape with in stow!"

The giant threw Lilian aside, grasped Lynn, and teleported into a some spaceship-thing. A deafening roar erupted as the ship took off into am escape tunnel. Suddenly, it was rocked by an explosion on its side. Cole was seen pointing his 88 Fragnum at the ship, using his legendary precision to foil the God-King's plan.

Easy: Score > 840000, TP > 84.00

Hard: Score > 870000, TP > 88.00

BEAT TIME: Using only one hand, score > 865000, TP > 86.00

Score: 872867

TP: 89.72

Plattie 99's Simple Progressive Challenges[]

(!) Basic Requirement: For every sequence given,

  • Play the songs in the given sequence (compulsory)
  • Million Master
  • TP 98.50% or higher percentage each song on HARD.

(If any special requirement exists and happens to contradict with the basic ones, the special requirement is used.)

Date Sequence Difficulty Challenge


5 / 10

Accomplish basic requirements.


6 / 10 Accomplish basic requirements.
8 / 10 Accomplish basic requirements.
6 / 10

Neglect basic requirements.

Regardless of score and TP, reach an accumulation number of PERFECTs of 2345 or more.

8 / 10

Accomplish basic requirements.

Tilt device 90° clockwise. (Another direction is not recommended, as it will create distinct variation.)


8 / 10

Accomplish basic requirements.

TP99.00 or above for each song.


7 / 10 Accomplish basic requirements.
8 / 10

Accomplish basic requirements.

(It's been more than a year, I know. Let's get started with this again, shall we?)

9 / 10

Neglect basic requirements.

Play in mute. Regardless of TP, Million Master all songs.