Cytus Wiki

Cytus Alpha (styled as Cytus α) is a port of the original Cytus for Nintendo Switch.

This game was co-developed by Flyhigh Works and Esquadra who also worked on the Switch ports for Deemo and VOEZ.

Gameplay is similar to the original Cytus but with added controller support, separate score displays for controller and touch, a matching (multiplayer) system, and new chapters, DJMax and Omega for free.

Other differences from original version[]

  • The title screen and song selection music is still Loom from Chapter VII, except the background is replaced by a new one.
  • New map system. Unlike in the original version where you can pick and choose songs from any chapter freely, players will need to clear a certain amount of songs or win a certain amount of multiplayer matches before unlocking the next. Chapter DJMax is unlocked by default next to Chapter I and Chapter Ω is branched off of Chapter X and is the last chapter unlocked by match wins.
    • Side chapters are be unlocked by clearing a certain number of songs in their respective main counterparts. Unlike in the original version, these chapters were sorted from main to special ones.
  • A diary system, which can be accessed in the main menu, indicates the story of Alpha. Diaries are unlocked by clearing songs.
  • "None" note pop-up feature is removed in this version.
  • Changing note sizes and language are added from Cytus II.
  • It is now possible to change volume for music and Click FX.
  • The color on "combo" during gameplay indicates a Million Master if orange and is a full combo indicator if green, another similar feature from Cytus II.
  • Hold bars are now colored unlike the original game.
  • If you get TP100 you'll get TP100.00 instead, just like in Cytus Lambda and Cytus II.
  • Controller support. Hidden songs can be accessed by holding ZL and ZR even when the Switch is docked.
    • For songs with multiple hidden charts, they can be accessed by holding ZL or ZR individually.
  • Dual score system. Controller and touch scores are indicated separately.
  • Matching system, which adds multiplayer functions, is exclusive in this version.
  • Tutorial can be accessed after selecting a song instead of after selecting a chapter. The music here is Cytus from Chapter III.