Exclusive Chapters for Cytus α
Chapter M
Hidden Album
Cytus Alive
Chapter 1
Cytus Alive
No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
A-1 LA-1 Alive: Operators Cranky 1 4 101
A-2 LA-2 Alive: Disaster Sta 2 6 134
A-3 LA-3 Alive: Cytus Sta 4 8 120
A-4 LA-4 Alive: The Silence Sta 3 7 162
A-5 LA-5 Alive: Vanessa VILA 5 9 111
A-6 LA-6 Alive: The Lost Sta 4 7 140
A-7 LA-7 Alive: Loom Sta 2 7 148
A-8 LA-8 Alive: Another Me Sta 3 6 118
A-9 LA-9 Alive: Buried Sta 4 8 129
A-10 LA-10 Alive: The New World Cranky 1 1 75


  • To access Cytus Alive, go to a chapter page and click on the bordered numbers (green for easy, red for hard) which indicate how many songs of each of the two difficulties in the chapter have been played.


  • This chapter depicts the story of Cytus, focusing on Vanessa, the protagonist of the story and the game.
  • This is the only set of songs (10 to 12 songs) that have only 4 composers. (Sta, Eyemedia, Cranky and VILA, in which VILA is Cranky and his wife, Pico).
  • During a cutscene, if the player pauses, the cutscene will still run.
  • This chapter is the only chapter in which the Cycons aren't just black and white.
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