Exclusive Chapters for Cytus α
Chapter R
Hidden Album
Cytus Alive
Chapter 1
Cytus Alive
No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
A-1 LA-1 Alive: Operators Cranky 1 4 101
A-2 LA-2 Alive: Disaster Sta 2 6 134
A-3 LA-3 Alive: Cytus Sta 4 8 120
A-4 LA-4 Alive: The Silence Sta 3 7 162
A-5 LA-5 Alive: Vanessa VILA 5 9 111
A-6 LA-6 Alive: The Lost Sta 4 7 140
A-7 LA-7 Alive: Loom Sta 2 7 148
A-8 LA-8 Alive: Another Me Sta 3 6 118
A-9 LA-9 Alive: Buried Sta 4 8 129
A-10 LA-10 Alive: The New World Cranky 1 1 75


  • To access Cytus Alive, go to a chapter page and click on the coloured border of 'Easy' or 'Hard'.


  • This chapter depicts the story of Cytus, focusing on Vanessa, the protagonist of the story.
  • This is the only set of songs (10 to 12 songs) that have only 3 composers. (Sta, Cranky and VILA, in which VILA is Cranky and his wife, Pico)
  • During a cutscene, if the player pauses, the cutscene will still run.
  • This chapter, along with Chapter 1 and Chapter 0, has the most number of songs with vocals, with a number of 6 songs.
  • This chapter, along with Chapter 1, has the most amount of lv1 songs, with a total of 3 songs.
  • This is one of the two chapters that have all difficulty levels, from lv1 to lv9. The other chapter is Chapter 8.
  • This chapter is the only chapter in which the cycons aren't just black and white.
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