That's the only place where I feel more alive than when I'm on stage.
Crystal PuNK
Crystal PuNK2
Real name Sherry Pauline
Birthdate N/A
Age 25
Gender Female
Music style J-Rock, Punk, Post-Rock

Crystal PuNK is a free character in Cytus II. They are one of the 15 playable characters. They were released with the 2.5 update. Currently, Crystal PuNK has 13 songs, and maxes out at Lv.30.


Former punk and rock band Crystal PuNK, comprised of Cherry, Xenon, JOE, and KAI, partly reunite in the current chaos. With shaken pasts, the band struggles to become whole again. Due to the escalating issues in the world, can the band reform, or has the past damage been too much? Will their past feelings for one another be their downfall or their ultimate resurrection?


Each member of the band has unique personalities that when combined, form Crystal PuNK. Whether it be Cherry and Xenon's past relationship, KAI's friendly attitude, or the joking nature of Joe, the group all form a distinctive self.


Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos BPM
Effervesce MELOIMAGE 3 6 13 94
Chandelier XIII Ring 3 6 12 117
Sunshine Duration Re:Brych VOC Sing Sing Rabbit 3 7 12 174
Deep Dive MELOIMAGE 2 6 13 116
βinαrΨ Ring 4 7 12 168
Dark Madness Shi Kuang Lee 4 7 13 159
The Cross (feat. Silvia Su) Lyc 4 6 11  ?

Black Market - Song PacksEdit

Marvelous Mix vol.3Edit

Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos BPM
Darling Staring... technoplanet feat. はるの 4 7 14 198

PuNK EP 01Edit

Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos BPM
Crimson Fate tetsuyanao feat. ROXI CHEN(渣泥ZANI) 4 8 13 180
Familiar Craze MELOIMAGE 4 8 13 149
Malstream MELOIMAGE 3 6 12 132
V.R.W (feat. shully) カラスヤサボウ 3 6 12 142
velkinta feat. Cikado & A-Tse EAjRock 3 6 11 160

Trivia Edit

  • Before the 2.5 trailer was released, it was widely misconstrued that Crystal PuNK was going to be a character called "Sherry." This would have been a backstory for Cherry. (As Aroma is to Paff) This made the community rather upset. This was due to having to pay for the prequel to an already paid character.
  • This is Rayark's second free character after the game's initial release, the first one being Ivy.
  • Crystal PuNK's song list was put out before the character was released by a Chinese distributor.



CAPSO! SkinsEdit

Free PaffNEKO#ΦωΦROBO_HeadIvyCrystal PuNK
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