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Two hands tightly clasped among the sound of soft weeping, embracing the last bit of warmth left behind...

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Crystal PuNK is a free character in Cytus II. They are one of the 25 playable characters. They were released with the 2.5 update. Currently, Crystal PuNK has 18 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 40.


Former punk and rock band Crystal PuNK, comprised of Cherry, Xenon, Joe, and KAI, partly reunite in the current chaos. With shaken pasts, the band struggles to become whole again. Due to the escalating issues in the world, can the band reform, or has the past damage been too much? Will their past feelings for one another be their downfall or their ultimate resurrection?


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Each member of the band has unique personalities that when combined, form Crystal PuNK. Whether it be Cherry and Xenon's past relationship, KAI's friendly attitude, or the joking nature of Joe, the group all form a distinctive self.

Notable Relationships[]

Character relationships are intimately related to the games story. Read at your own risk

  • KAI | Lead drummer of Crystal PuNK and cofounder alongside Joe.
  • Neko | Neko was a diehard Crystal PuNK fan and they are what inspired her to start making music. The knowledge that Xenon was the former lead guitarist of the band was what led Neko to meet him for the first time.
  • Xenon | The former lead guitarist of Crystal PuNK. He joined the band when Joe approached him after seeing his demo. His time in Crystal PuNK was the catalyst to him falling in love with Cherry. When he realizes that Cherry's father had killed his father and rendered his sister comatose, he approached Cherry about it. Xenon's inability to accept Cherry's dark side as the daughter of The Mediator led to them breaking up; without a lead guitarist and vocalist, Crystal PuNK fell apart.
  • ConneR | While ConneR was never a big fan of Crystal Punk, claiming that their music was too "noisy" for him, he is aware of their existence.
  • Cherry | The former lead vocalist of Crystal PuNK, She joined the band after Ruby left as the lead vocalist. Her time in Crystal PuNK was the catalyst to her falling in love with Xenon. Her father, The Mediator for the gangs was being tracked relentlessly for his crimes by Xenon's father. Tragically, her father shot and killed Xenon's father and rendered Xenon's sister comatose. When Xenon approached her about this, she claimed that he would never be able accept her dark past and ran away. Left without a lead vocalist or a lead guitarist, Crystal PuNK fell apart.
  • Joe | The former bassist of Crystal PuNK. He and Kai were the original members of the band and painstakingly worked together to recruit an appropriate vocalist and guitarist. Despite always joking around he may be the most dedicated member of them all. When Crystal PuNk disbanded, it drove him to search for a purpose in life and may have catalyzed his turn to underground trafficking.


Crystal PuNK Songs
Player Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length Release DLC
Effervesce MELOIMAGE 3 6 13 94 2:56 2.5
YouTube Chandelier XIII Ring 3 6 12 117 2:35 2.5
Sunshine Duration Re:Brych VOC Sing Sing Rabbit 3 7 12 174 3:17 2.5
Dark Madness Shi Kuang Lee 4 7 13 160 2:30 2.5
Darling Staring... technoplanet feat. はるの 4 7 14 198 2:20 2.5 Marvelous Mix vol. 3
Deep Dive MELOIMAGE 2 6 13 116 2:47 2.5
V.R.W (feat. shully) カラスヤサボウ 3 6 12 142 2:57 2.6 PuNK EP
The Cross (feat. Silvia Su) Lyc 4 6 11 120 2:52 2.8
YouTube Still (Piano Version) Rua feat. K 2 5 9 130 1:49 3.5
Imprint MELOIMAGE 4 8 14 200 2:47 3.9 Marvelous Mix vol. 6
Prema Flowers MELOIMAGE 3 7 12 138 2:44 3.9
Collide Night Keepers 3 7 12 171 2:36 3.9
YouTube βinαrΨ Ring 4 7 12 168 3:01 2.5
Crimson Fate tetsuyanao feat. ROXI CHENI[渣泥ZANI] 4 8 13 180 3:04 2.6 PuNK EP
Familiar Craze MELOIMAGE 4 8 13 149 2:57 2.6 PuNK EP
Malstream MELOIMAGE 3 6 12 132 2:43 2.6 PuNK EP
velkinta feat. Cikado & A-Tse EAjRock 3 6 12 160 3:10 2.6 PuNK EP
YouTube 眷戀 dizLike 3 5 11 142 2:57 3.5

Result Screen Quotes[]

"God, this is even more pathetic than the pop music club in the Academy..." "… Please tell me that it's something wrong with the instrument." "The composing needs more layers, right? Now, it feels like something's missing." "Hey, our teamwork used to be much better, right? Cheer up!" "New single complete! Hehe, the fans would be ecstatic." "This is awesome. This is how it's like in the good old days!"
"I'm almost starting to miss LUMY and the others... Guys, take it more seriously." "Looks like we need to be more focused... Everyone's a little too~ slack." "The music field is a bit blurry. Adjust the Balance before we continue." "If we want to be on the big stage, we need to work a bit harder~" "New single complete! Hehe, the fans would be ecstatic." "Nothing beat playing music together with you guys after all!"
"Even the once amazing Crystal PuNK has fallen to this level..." "Stop stop stop! JOE, you messed up the root AGAIN!!" "Leader, that previous part isn't quite right. Can we practice it again?" "Haha, I don't mind just playing around. I really enjoy this." "... Want to host another music festival? The one we never got to host." "Simon, let's start from zero!"


  • The theme of Crystal PuNK was arranged by KIVΛ.
  • As they are a band, they are the first playable character to feature more than one character.
  • Before the 2.5 trailer was released, it was widely misconstrued that Crystal PuNK was going to be a character called "Sherry." This would have been a backstory for Cherry.
  • This is Rayark's second free character after the game's initial release, the first one being Ivy.
  • An early version of the planned v2.5 tracklist was leaked through the website of the game's Chinese distributor Dragonest. The tracklist consisted of the songs:
    • Sunshine Duration // Re:Brych VOC Sing Sing Rabbit (included in the v2.5 release)
    • Deep Dive // MELOIMAGE (included in the v2.5 release)
    • βinαrΨ // Ring (included in the v2.5 release)
    • Armour // Instinct of Sight (never added to the game; available on YouTube or Bandcamp)
    • Please // 弐八さん feat. 薛南 (never added to the game)
    • Blue Bird // 弐八さん feat. 薛南 (never added to the game)
    • Crimson Fate // tetsuyanao feat. ROXI CHENI[渣泥ZANI] (added in v2.6 with the PuNK EP DLC)
    • Prema Flowers // MELOIMAGE (added in v3.9)
    • V.R.W (feat. shully) // カラスヤサボウ (added in v2.6 with the PuNK EP DLC)
    • velkinta feat. Cikado & A-Tse // EAjRock (added in v2.6 with the PuNK EP DLC)