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Log_Arc_702_07_14 06:18:39

Research Log 7020714_ConneR

The benefit of working inside A.R.C. is that I get to see all their unannounced inventions, research and all kinds of recreated technologies. Even though they have gathered the best talents here, without the data of past technology obtained though exploring the Ruins, especially the central database "Library" and the establishment of the virtual internet, A.R.C. will be nowhere near their current wealth and power.

However, nobody ever asks any questions. The variety of automatic management systems used in the countless Nodes we live in; the ultra-high-speed capsule tracks that connect the Nodes; the breeding center that controls the population; the city structure that seems to be aiming for the skies; how do they actually function, and who is managing all of them? The admins are merely pawns. A.R.C.'s "accomplishments" are only built on top of the artifacts that were left behind. The sight I saw in those Ruins when I was attacked, just what in the world was that...? If I want to find some answers, there is no better place than here. I need more time and more trustworthy comrades.

In reality, humans are fragile flowers that are trapped inside a greenhouse. Yes, this city, this world; there are still way too many things we don't understand. Right now, we are merely herds of sheep, blindly following the script and acting according to it.

ConneR 7020714