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Log_702_08_08_12 17:45:03

Target Listing: Unknown Artifact

Quantity: 1

Note: Artifact Provided by Dr. Colin Neumann Jr.

Analysis: Environments simulation test, Operation simulation test, & Age Determination.


Entry_1: Target artifact has the appearance of some kind of circuit chip. Consists of two major components: The chip itself and the specialized port. The chip itself is produced with unparalleled precision. Even if we gather A.R.C.’s most elite teams, it would still be nearly impossible to reach this level of craftsmanship. Estimated production date is 250 Years ago, around 50 years before “The Decommission”.

Entry_2: Performed a simple power transfer to the target chip. I was able to understand the majority of its inner workings through that. The only exception is the specialized port part. I cannot access the port directly. Preparing environment simulation test to search for possible ways to access said port.

Entry_3: After 154,684 simulations, I can conclude that the target chip has functions that can only be activated when it is planted into the human brain by an invasive method. If the chip is unable to identify the target to be of Human DNA, no reaction will be triggered. Even when simulating human brain data with environment simulation the target chip saw through the simulation instantly and denied access. Risk is still under evaluation as using actuall human brain tissue for direct experimentation is strictly forbidden.

Entry_4: During environment simulation testing I had an extremely rare instance of bypassing the chip’s defense mechanisms. During said bypass, instruments captured fragments of data. It’s a message, one consisting of sound an imagery, like a part of someone’s memory . besides that, it contains data that cannot be analyzed by modern instruments.

Judgement: target chip’s origin and usage is highly suspectable, Suggest not reporting actual analysis results to Dr. Neumann; Discuss with Sagar to see if any special precautions are required.

Report Saved Time: 702_08_10_17:45