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Home_697_08_08 09:45:18

Diary Log 6970808_ConneR
Location: Node 08 Mansion

Returned to this big, empty house 15 years after I left, only to find out that the only things waiting for me are father's soulless shell and an endless sense of loss. Maybe I came back to prove something; maybe I want to tell him that I did not disappoint and live up to family expectations. All of a sudden, those things are no longer important anymore.

The chip father left me is a token that has been passed down through the Neumann family for generations. Although I've never heard my father talk about the details, I think it should be some kind of ancient technology? In my faint memory of my childhood, I remember there was a period where father was in a very irritated mood, likely because of this chip. Not long after that, mother and I left this home.

Did a quick analysis with father's equipment. The chip itself is still somewhat recognizable, but the port is something I've never seen before. There are way too many questions left by the Neumann family. I just might have the ability to find the truth behind those questions, in Node 13.

ConneR 6970808