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Diary_ConneR_702_11_04 21:54:11

Diary Log 7021104_ConneR

Location: A.R.C. HQ Living Quarters Room V017

           My father’s dying message, “Klänge des Herzens”, is a phrase written in the common dialect of Node 13. It means “Sound of the Heart”. However, even after deciphering the message, I am still completely lost. The flow of the words feels like some type of hidden code. My instincts tell me, that in order to find the direction that this clue is taking me, a return to Node 13 is very much inevitable.

           I am beginning to understand the reason why my father shoes to keep this a secret until he lost his mind: We are talking about the mystery of this entire world! My father and I have the same blood flowing through us. When it comes to pursuing the truth, we are father and son; At the same time, however, we are also each other’s closest enemy. Now, with father having passed away, the message on the wall and the research he left behind are the most valuable items I can inherit as the sole heir to the Neumann Estate. They are the precious “Voices” that shall lead me to my ultimate destination.

           A short while ago, the admins caused a major commotion when they broke into A.R.C. for the arrest. That gave me the opportunity to sneak into the Library.  I was able to obtain the secrets hidden within, and let’s just say that calling the things I discovered “significant” would be a severe understatement. However, with my current skills, I couldn’t delve any further. In order to pick the lock hidden in the deepest depths of this puzzle, I must need to obtain more information. I shall also require the assistance of some other individuals, including that unlucky fellow who was just arrested. Next, I also need to do some preparations: Excavation machinery, traveling permits to both Node 13 and Node 03, a fake identity, and a “Mediator”.

           This grandiose place is now about to progress into the next stage. I no longer require this spacious cage in the sky. Although there are still interesting toys here like Mr. Sagar and Miss Rin, the phantom of the truth is wavering in front of me, like the Dance of the Seven Veils. I too shall follow it into the depths of the abyss. The first bar of Salome has been sounded. Now is the time to move.

ConneR 702_11_04