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Diary Log 702_08_28_ConneR_A.R.C._HQ_Living_Quarters_Room_V017

          Although it’s because of a freak accident, I’ve been living in A.R.C. Headquarters for over half a year now. Ironically, they are half the reason why I am still alive. but now, look at me; Not only did I make a successful comeback during my first concert, garnering praise and applause, but I’m also using their resources to try to take down the order they are maintaining. No, more like trying to reveal the truth they are hiding. Should I congratulate myself for being  such a great schemer or should I say “Destiny Brought me here”?

           From the real report I “obtained” from Rin, the chip father left me is a device that can fuse with the cranial nerves of humans. I’ve studied father’s disease and the symptoms he is displaying currently; the two have no connection whatsoever. I cannot rule out the possibility that father is in his current state due to him using himself as a test subject; fusing, if only briefly, with the chip.

           If this chip really contains an important message passed down through Neumann family history, I must find a way to extract the data from it.

ConneR 702_08_28