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Diary_ConneR_702_07_28 21:06:36

Diary Log 7020728_ConneR
Location: A.R.C. HQ living quarters_Room V017

A piece of news caught my eye recently. An idol singer collapsed during an event and many audience members also showed signs of discomfort at the same time. I manage to get my hands on plenty of patient information from A.R.C.'s internal medical channel. Most patients were diagnosed with internet withdrawal symptoms or a sudden rejection from the brain.

There are plenty of medical institutes in Node 13. They mainly hold patients who suffered side-effects from technology overuse. My time there has allowed me to have a much deeper understanding of similar symptoms. From the information of several patients who had more severe symptoms, this looks like a relapse of memory loss. It's a side-effect that occurs when trying to save data forcefully to an already damaged memory area in the brain. However, why such symptoms appeared during a concert and what is the reason behind the trigger, that has caught my interest.