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Diary_ConneR_702_07_22 14:45:13

Diary Log 7020722_ConneR
Location: A.R.C. HQ living quarters_Room V017

Finally met someone that is more interesting than that Sagar guy, a boy called Simon Jackson. He was quite successful in the world of underground bands under the name "Crystal PuNK", but one day he just disappeared for no reason. Many years later, he joined A.R.C.'s internet security department with a phenomenally high score and genius-level talents. Many of the security protocols that prevent modern internet crimes were his handiwork. One can even say that A.R.C.'s recent success with preventing internet terrorist attacks and the virtual crimes can all be credited to the young fella.

If I can recruit his help. it might be a lot easier to solve the mystery behind that item. However, I must first confirm that he is someone trustworthy. I'll need to talk with him a few more times and obtain more information on him.

ConneR 7020722