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Diary_ConneR_702_04_06 06:48:37

Diary Log 7020406_ConneR
Location: A.R.C. HQ living quaters_Room V017

Been Three months since that incident, the right side of my body still gets stints of extreme pain. Physically, my body is starting to learn to control the new eye and arm. Mentally, however, I can never accept it like this; at least not before I find out the truth about what attacked me.

A.R.C. HQ is indeed where resources and talents go. I must admit that I did somewhat underestimate their abilities in the past. I just might be able to find the answers I want here. Even though the title of "advisor" sounds impressive, I have a feeling they are still very cautious about me.

As far as the people I've come in contact with here, most of the are just lackeys. That Sagar guy doesn't look to be the especially "smart" type, but since he is captain of the exploration team, there must be something special about him. The Supreme Committee members keep their whereabouts a complete secret. Need to find a chance to meet with them in the future.

ConneR 7020406