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Such wonderful music once existed, yet we have no way to listen to it now. What a pity.

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ConneR is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 25 playable characters. Currently, ConneR has 19 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 60.


A middle aged gentleman who acts in a graceful and elegant manner. Often exploits loopholes in the law in order to maintain the costs of his research. He is a collector, performer, and archaeologist who specializes in ancient instruments and fuses them into his music.

Born into Node 13's Neumann family, he had a less than admirable relationship with his father and left home, getting involved in illegal exploration. During the course of these explorations, he lost an eye and an arm when he was atacked by a mysterious architect. In order to uncover an ancient truth, he took a fancy to Xenon and Nora's abilities which led him to fall deeper into the core of the cyTus incident.


Main article: ConneR OS Logs

ConneR is a refined and composed man who also seems to be very intelligent considering his job. He is talented in many fields including that of archaeology and the arts.

However, he can also be conniving, using legal loopholes to keep in funds for his own research. He's sly and deceptive as well, oftentimes cooperating with enemies who end up betraying him only for them to find out he had known from the start and betrayed them in return. Yet he is also quite twisted, in a way, regularly taunting his opponents with brutal or shocking information connected to their past in order to make them lose focus. Still, he never means genuine ill will towards anybody, putting on a polite and respectful attitude even when speaking to people he isn't particularly fond of.


ConneR Songs
Player Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length Release DLC
Xiorc Team Grimoire+あま猫 4 10 14 15 160-195 2:06 1.0
REBELLIUM Section9 3 9 14 201 2:00 1.0
Imprinting Sakuzyo 4 8 13 15 175 1:57 1.0
Gekkouka Masanori Akita 4 8 12 158 1:51 1.0
Light of Buenos Aires Masanori Akita 3 7 12 150 2:10 1.0
YouTube Abduction VILA 4 8 11 158 2:20 1.0
Nostalgia Sonatina Ice 4 8 13 160 2:28 1.0
I luv U SQUAR 3 7 10 173 1:50 1.0
YouTube Instinct Sakuzyo 4 8 12 180 2:13 1.0
YouTube Aphasia Team Grimoire 2 7 13 155 2:04 1.2
Olympia Nardis 3 6 12 160 2:28 1.5
Demetrius James Landino 2 6 13 128 2:19 1.6
Deus Ex Machina Powerless 4 8 13 160 2:18 2.3
Fur War, Pur War N.M.S.T. 4 8 15 150 3:05 2.4
L'Ultima Cena Laur 4 8 14 175 2:35 2.3
YouTube tondari-hanetari Yuichi Tsuchiya 3 8 12 13 176 2:20 1.0
YouTube Re:boot Powerless 6 9 14 196 2:30 4.8
Last Landing yuritoworks. 3 8 14 130 2:16 5.0.0
Floor of Lava Ice 6 10 15 180 2:35 1.0

Result Screen Quotes

"Such an insulting performance doesn't deserve to be recognized as “music”" "Besides a prosthetic arm and eye, perhaps I should get a prosthetic ear as well." "Not terrible. "Passable” would be my word of critique." "Hoho? Looks like you did put in the time to practice. " "Tiny flaws stand out when nearing perfection. I believe you understand this." "What a splendid performance. A rare sight to behold in this world."
"If you don't have what it takes, why bother humiliating yourself?" "The composers will cry when they hear this. Tears of sadness, that is." "Average." "You certainly deserve some compliments." “A very clear tone... Despite small impurities, it's already worth my attention." "I can't remember the last time I had such respect for a fellow performer."
"If your sole purpose is to make loud noises, I'd rather listen to a lawnmower." "No need to worry. I've seen performances much more distasteful than yours." "I don't really bother to care about such insignificant things." "Excellent, though still not quite reaching my standards." "Such free and unrestrained tunes... I can feel your soul and personality in it." "Performing on the same level as myself... Impressive, very impressive."


  • The theme of ConneR was arranged by Ice.
  • The piano score of the theme can be found in his background.
    ConneR Note
  • ConneR’s color, raw sienna, is a pigment made of ferruginous earth that was used in prehistoric cave paintings. This may reference his profession as an archeologist.
  • ConneR’s background is the only song background to not include the character somewhere therein.
  • ConneR’s background is his desk at A.R.C. and it is shown multiple times in Xenon’s OS logs.
  • In the “Bad Ending” it is revealed that ConneR kept a photo of Sasha hidden at his desk.
  • ConneR has the most songs added post-release for a paid character with 9. He also has the most songs out of any paid character, with 19.
  • His parents were Alyxia and Colin.