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Conflict (YM2151 Edit)
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Theme of Kingdom No.8
Icon Artist siromaru + Cranky Genre Harmonic Schranz
Vocal Pico Cover Art Ryori Chart Design BEE
Number R-10 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 2:36 Easy 8 796
BPM 160 Hard 9 1205


Conflict (hidden) - siromaru Cranky Chapter R Retro

Conflict (hidden) - siromaru Cranky Chapter R Retro

LIVE conflict siromaru cranky-0

LIVE conflict siromaru cranky-0

Conflict -Music Video-

Conflict -Music Video-

Groundbreaking BOF2011 (Disc 1) - conflict (Groundbreaking Edit)

Groundbreaking BOF2011 (Disc 1) - conflict (Groundbreaking Edit)

Notes Edit

Difficulty Change log Edit

Version Easy Hard
7.0 8 9

Note Statistics Edit

  • Click notes
    588 on Easy (73.87%), 795 on Hard (65.98%)
  • Hold notes
    17 on Easy (2.14%), 10 on Hard (0.82%)
  • Drag notes
    191 on Easy (23.99%), 400 on Hard (33.20%)

Lyrics Edit

(In a desperate conflict, with a ruthless enemy...)

[Ryoko (Pico)]
Zuorhi viyantas was festsu ruor proi 
Yuk dalfe suoivo swenne yat vu henvi nes 
Sho fu briyu praffi stassui(stas)tsenva chies 
Ien ryus sois nyat pyaro shennie fru
Prasueno Turoden shes vi hyu vu praviya 
Tyu prostes fis hien hesnie ryanmie proshuka 
Wi swen ryasta grouts froine shienhie var yat 
Nyam raika rit skuois (1) trapa tof (2) Iyaf ties fika prafa trapa tof

Ti pyar Vie iyad rai che uf kro sho 
Rat dava rof nii proti ei kof 
Ryuf voshu to ryaba ya kat kosu is 
Vi rien tsen vu hies taha chies ni ien fru

(A man born to fight, an enemy bent on conquest... Let battle commence!)


Trivia Edit

Conflict BOF 2011

[BOF] Conflict (BGA by iimo)

  • This is the longest song in Chapter R.
  • This song is the only one that is not a chiptune remix in Chapter R. The cover art also uses a high-definition illustration rather than pixelated arts.
  • This song is the winner of BOF 2011, beating VALLISTA (sakuzyo, 2nd), Parousia (xi, 3rd) and Laplace (sakuzyo, 13th) that year.
  • This song, along with First Gate Overdrive, are the only hidden songs where the preview is heard and the cover changes after activation.
  • This is the first hidden song that is not an alternate version.
  • When the chapter was first released, the artist accidentally kept the text "YM2151 Edit" in the cover. This has since been fixed.
  • This song is famous for its various rhythm games appearance. it has appreared these following games:
    • Groove Coaster 3: LINK FEVER
    • maimai MURASAKi
    • Tone Sphere (Groundbreaking Edit version)
    • Tsumamia!
    • Taiko no tatsujin
    • Synchronica
    • Deemo (VILA Remix version)
    • Rhythmsia
    • Arcaea
    • Dance Rail
    • Muse Dash
    • Pump It Up XX
    • Ongeki
    • WACCA
    • SEVEN's CODE

Helpful InfoEdit

Hmm...I prefer the chiptune edit to this one (well, it's just a personal opinion, don't even mind ^^). Anyway, the chart is destroying my phone T.T maybe it'll cost me another phone to MM it XD. I sure hope not.
— KhangND
This is hard, but not as hard as The Purified. The click+drags are relatively easy, except for those ones in the middle. The triple bomb notes are fun. And this song is amazing.
— DropletKloud
This song is exhilarating and crazy. Shocked at the moment when seeing 'THAT 3x5 NOTES'. Great weapon, hard to MM and TP100. True to say, I think it is not as hard as The Purified. The purified is far straight-forward in terms of the beat but Conflict has nothing to do with that, especially around note count 750-850, that kills my combo. Good weapon from cytus and Ice (maybe?) and I will kill you back very soon.
— LcalebN
COOL!!!! This song is great. Beware of the triple notes. The hardest part in this is the click+drag note pattern in the start, middle and the end. Beware of it. This song is not hard to MM, but it is hard to raise the TP up.
— Mentholzzz

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