Cytus Wiki

Combo refers to the number of consecutive notes a player taps on and gets a 'Perfect' or 'Good' rating for the note successfully. They can potentially affect a player's score for a song depending on the accumulated combo. For example, a player can get a miss on a song right at the start of the song. Another player gets 1 miss too, but misses it in the middle of the song.

Formulas for calculating Score and TP:

  • N = Total number of notes in the song
  • i = Number of notes at before Note i
  • S(i) = Score percentage of Note i, where perfect gives 100% score, good 70%, bad 30%, miss 0%
  • T(i) = TP percentage of Note i, (colored perfect 100%, black perfect 70%, good 30%, bad/miss 0%)
  • C(i) = Current combo, more specifically:
    • Total combo before Note i (if the judgment is PERFECT or GOOD)
    • 0 (if the judgment is BAD or MISS)

This formula for Score looks complicated, but is actually quite simple. Accuracy 90% of score, or 900,000 , and combo 10%, or 100,000. The accuracy of each note is a 900,000 / total notes x accuracy, or S(i). more simply, notes award score adding up to 900,000, but non perfect judgements subtract from awarded score. On a map with 1000 (N) combo, a good will subtract 300 (N*.3) score, a bad 700 (N*.7), and a miss 1000. The punishment for bads and misses are typically insignificant unless there is a very high number of them, which will enable the scoring of ranks lower than an A, however the very small penalty for a good can become a major frustration when attempting to MM a map. The score loss caused from accuracy is typically insignificant in comparison to score lost from combo.

Combo is more complicated to calculate. There is a square relationship between combo and score rewarded. (someone double check me on this), meaning that as combo increases, the score rewarded increases by its square.

Here is an example If you get 300 and 300 combo out of a total 600, you will be awarded 50,000 total points for combo, as each 300 combo is 1/2 of the map, each awarding 1/4 of the combo bonus. if you get 300, 100, 200 as combos, your combo will be awarded as Awarding 38% of total combo score, or 38,000 points. Notice how what might seem like a significant combo of 100 provides almost no extra score, and that a vast majority of the score is awarded for the 300 combo. This tells us that most score is to be earned with much longer combos. Even holding combo for a third of the map will award you less than 10,000 points.

Thus, accumulating a high combo is essential to get a good score no matter how many notes you Missed. The same applies towards TP calculation, except with Black Perfect and Colored Perfect.

In Cytus II, the combo tracker will change color depending on whether you've made any good and bad notes or misses. If your combo is all perfect, the color of the tracker number will be yellow. If you've made at least one good note in your combo, the tracker will turn blue. Lastly if you've missed a note or made a bad note and started a new combo, it the tracker will be white.

See TP and Score for more information.