Cytus Wiki

Click notes make up most of Cytus' gameplay. They are the most basic type of notes, and they only need to be tapped when the scan line passes over them in order to register.

Single Notes These are the simplest types of notes to hit, appearing in every song. They only require a single tap to register.
Double Notes This type of note requires you to tap a note in unison with another. It's quite a common note type that appears in most songs. When used in succession of each other, they may be aligned (ex. Light up my LOVE) or alternating (ex. Biotonic).
Triple/Quadruple Notes These types of notes are generally rare, and only appear in some of the harder songs. They're like double notes, except they require you to tap three, or sometimes even four notes in unison. They may only appear once (ex. Zauberkugel), in a continuous manner (ex. AXION), or in combination with each other (ex. Darkness). Notes like these prove to be strenuous for players who use their thumbs, as they're forced to use additional fingers for them.
Alternating Note Groups These notes come in lines that require you to alternate taps from your left and right hands. Depending on the scan line speed, density of the note group, and the angles at which the notes appear, these patterns can vary from simplistic to challenging. They most often come in groups of six (ex. Evil Force), eight (ex. Holy Knight), and sixteen (ex. Sweetness And Love).
Note Lines These notes often overlap each other to create lines of notes, or streams. They most often appear in groups of two to four (ex. Gatorix), but can often create much more troublesome patterns. They can arrive in double or even triple note format (ex. Conflict), or they can arrive in jagged lines (ex. East West Wobble).
Complex Note Patterns These patterns take on complex patterns that require great analysis and chart understanding to pull off. At first glance, these patterns may seem like they make no sense at all. An example of this is Laplace.
Note Overlaps These are notes that directly overlap with another note that appears in the next scroll of the scan line. These note types are widely regarded as cheap, as there's no way to tell where they are without memorizing the sections they appear in. The most famous example of this note type is located in the very end of Hay Fields.


  • If you hit the note as the scan crosses it, the note is rated as a Perfect hit.
    • Depending on the time you tap it, it could be regarded as a Black Perfect ( or Normal Perfect in Cytus Omega, White Perfect in Cytus II) or a Color Perfect ( or Just Perfect in Cytus Omega, Gold Perfect in Cytus II). See TP for more info.
  • If you hit the note slightly before or after the scan line crosses it, it will be rated as a Good hit.
  • If you hit the note far before or after the scan line crosses it, it will be rated as a Bad hit.
  • If you do not hit the note at all, it will be rated as a Miss.