Hi! We are《Cherry PuNK》!
— Cherry
Real name Sherry Pauline
Birthdate September 6, 677 NA
Age 25
Gender Female
English Red
Max level 39
Music style J-Rock, Punk, Post-Rock, Emo
Cherry Logo.png
OS Logs

Cherry, also known as Cherry PuNK, is one of the 21 playable characters in Cytus II. She was released in version 1.1, along with the Android version of the game. Currently, Cherry has 12 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 39.


The leader and guitarist for the band "Cherry PuNK". Had a complicated and eventful relationship with Xenon in the past. The two were brought together again by the Æsir events. What is waiting ahead for them? Is it the truth, or another nightmare?


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Cherry is the leader and the guitarist of her band "Cherry PuNK". Her former band from several years ago, "Crystal PuNK," used to consist of her, Xenon, Joe and KAI. Unfortunately, they disbanded.[1]

Despite being younger than most of her friends, specifically the former members of Crystal PuNK, Cherry is more composed than them, and takes on the role of the "big sister" of the group, even though she doesn't wish to be perceived as one. She's strong, determined and passionate, never giving up on her goals, Cherry makes sure she's always got everyone's back, offering moral support for everyone even when she herself needs it. This makes her self-sacrificial, as she puts others above herself, but doesn't let her own safety or dignity be pushed aside, being levelheaded.

She doesn't mind using brute force or bluntness when needed, and knows to be threatening to enemies at times, having trained how to shoot and fight for many years.

Cherry used to be in a relationship with Xenon, but they broke up due to unfortunate circumstances.


Cherry Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
CREDENCE MELOIMAGE 3 8 12 13 204 2:27
Capture me ヒゲドライバー feat. shully 2 7 11 155 2:38
Hunted Night Keepers feat Sylvia 2 6 12 212 2:55
I'M NOT nowhere 此時刻 2 6 11 118 2:52
LEVEL4 空野青空 4 7 13 210 2:04
Living for you (Andy Tunstall remix) Kat Penkin 3 7 12 170 2:21
RETRIEVE MELOIMAGE 3 7 12 180 2:52
Realize (Cytus II) Persona 3 8 12 181 2:00
Scenery in your eyes EAjRock 2 6 9 172 3:04
Still Rua feat K 2 6 11 156 3:03
Stop at nothing (Andy Tunstall remix) Kat Penkin 2 7 11 170 2:40


  • The theme of Cherry was arranged by KIVΛ.
  • The color for both Cherry & Crystal PuNk, English Red, is a dark pink variation which is used to symbolize: love, being nurtured, beauty, femininity, and energy. In contrast, English Red is never associated with finance.
  • Before Cherry's appearance, she was first mentioned in an iM post from Paff, mentioning that she will be collaborating with a band named "Cherry PuNK".
  • Cherry's song list debuts MELOIMAGE, ヒゲドライバー (Hige Driver) , 空野青空 (Aozora Sorano), and nowhere.
  • Cherry is, as announced on Rayark's twitter, voiced by Fairouz Ai (ファイルーズあい).
  • Cherry's ringtone is the song 'Still'.
  • According to a Q&A from Rayark's twitter, Cherry's height is 170 cm.
  • According to the Cytus II Art & Design Aesthetics book, Cherry weighs 55 kilograms, and her blood type is A.



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