Exclusive Chapters for Cytus α
Chapter 0
Chapter S
Chapter K
Chapter sb.png
No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
S-1 LS-1.png LVBNR5 Schwarz Cranky 2 7 143
S-2 LS-2.png Vivere La Vita Sta 3 7 225
S-3 LS-3.png Rain of Fire Ice Bird 2 7 114
S-4 LS-4.png Molto Allegro Persona 4 7 160
S-5 LS-5.png Revoluxionist xi 5 9 180
S-6 LS-6.png LVBNR5 Weiß Cranky 2 6 165
S-7 LS-7.png Chaotic Drive switchworks 4 7 180
S-8 LS-8.png Outsider Yamajet 2 8 140
S-9 LS-9.png Requiem eyemedia 4 9 156
S-10 LS-10.png The Purified Hoskey 5 9 176


  • This chapter is a teaser for a game being developed by Rayark, Project Symphony, which will be released in the future.
  • The two characters on the chapter cover art are Rhymos (Molto Allegro) and Acoda (Rain of Fire).
  • Just like LDT from Chapter T, Ryori from Chapter R and M, Aub Ergine from Chapter D and Kai from Chapter L, all cover arts in this chapter are drawn by PAPARAYA.
  • Only two cycons are used in this chapter, with the cycon used being alternated between songs.
  • There are three more exclusive songs not in this game:
    • Burning Battleground by Sakuzyo
    • The World of Tune: Tones and Souls by ani (credited as Onoken)
    • The Noble: Orchestius by Sta
    • These songs are available in the Chapter S album on iTunes.
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