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Chapter R Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard BPM Length
Adventure Verdammt 4 8 188 2:12
Conflict (YM2151 Edit) siromaru + Cranky 4 7 160 2:29
Conflict siromaru + cranky 8 9 160 2:31-3:12
Devil in Wonderland VILA 4 9 160 2:13
Dream (Chiptune Edit) Rabpit remix by ICE 3 7 150 2:09
Fight With Your Devil KillerBlood 5 9 180 2:16
Hay Fields ICE 3 8 170 2:28
Jump To The Future Yamajet 6 8 190 1:58
Let's Go On An Adventure 3R2 3 9 60-160 1:58
Theme of Kingdom No.8 KillerBlood 4 7 150 1:53
VitMaster Sakuzyo 6 8 180 2:03
∞ Fields ICE 6 9 170 2:28



  • The topic of this chapter is Retro, or returning to a recent past styles. Most covers used in this chapter are illustrated in the style of classic console video games and most songs are remixed in chiptune.
  • This chapter introduces Verdammt and siromaru.
    • Verdammt technically debuted as part of Team Grimoire.
  • This is the only chapter (aside from Chapter D) that has a Deemo song that wasn't previously a Cytus song, which is Dream, but remixed to chiptune by ICE for this chapter.
    • This is also the first chapter that has a Tone Sphere song, which is Conflict. However, this song is not under the Groundbreaking Edit, the version that Tone Sphere used.
  • Like Chapter K, Chapter T, Chapter M & Chapter L, the songs have different names in the song selection menu.
  • Starting from Theme of Kingdom No.8 all the way to Conflict, the selection title's first letters spell out: SHOTA4EVER.
    • This is a reference to ICE, who is a shotacon, and the creator of this chapter.
  • From left to right, GuluJam, 6tan, Deemo and Alice, Mandora, and ICE's iconic character (Len Kagamine with a canine hoodie) appear in the cover artwork.
  • Just like Chapter S by PAPARAYA, Chapter T by LDT, Chapter D by Aub Ergine and Chapter L by Kai, all the artworks in this chapter were illustrated by Ryori.