Exclusive Chapters for Cytus α
Chapter L
Chapter N
Chapter M
No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
N-1 The Secret of Nightland Night Keepers 5 8 130
N-2 The Spy's Name Night Keepers 2 5 132
N-3 Night Festival Night Keepers 5 8 104
N-4 Times Difference War Yuk-Cheung Chun, Marc Lin feat. Misi Ke 6 9 138-190
N-5 Fantasy Hotel Night Keepers 3 6 76
N-6 Steven Bites Time Night Keepers 3 6 111.5
N-7 The Cure of Sleep Night Keepers 2 6 73
N-8 Choice Night Keepers 4 7 73


  • At the price of $3.99, this is the cheapest IAP chapter in Cytus, due to having less than 10 songs.
  • This chapter mainly introduces the band Night Keepers and Marc Lin, whom made arrangements for Rain of Fire in Chapter S.
  • This is the only chapter in Cytus to have less than 10 songs.
  • This is the only chapter in Cytus in which all the songs have vocals.
  • The story of this chapter can be found at this link,
  • Just like LDT from Chapter T, Ryori from Chapter R, PAPARAYA from Chapter S, Aub Ergine from Chapter D and Kai from Chapter L, all cover arts in this chapter are drawn by the same artist in Chapter R.
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