Exclusive Chapters for Cytus α
Chapter T
Chapter M
Chapter D
No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
A-M LA-M The Beginning Eyemedia 3 7 110
M-1 LM-1 Stardust Sphere Tsukasa 6 9 146
M-2 LM-2 The Ricochet sta 7 9 180
M-2 LM-2 The Long Years sta 5 9 135
M-3 LM-3 The Sacred Story VILA 4 9 158
M-4 LM-4 Area184 -Platinum Mix- Persona 5 9 184
M-5 LM-5 Gardenia yamajet 3 9 140
M-6 LM-6 Sweetness Overload!!! 3R2 & DJ Mashiro 5 9 202
M-7 LM-7 Les Parfums de Celebrez naotyu- 3 9 180
M-8 LM-8 Afterglow jioyi 4 9 120
M-9 LM-9 GENESYS KIVΛ 7 9 158
M-10 LM-10 STORIA xi vs sakuzyo 7 9 180


  • All composers from M-1 to M-10 (excluding DJ Mashiro and sakuzyo) have a song by themselves in the corresponding chapter.
  • All songs in this chapter are Lv9 on hard mode, excluding The Beginning.
  • Each song in this chapter is a remix of one or more songs that've appeared in the game, excluding The Beginning.
  • Blue Eyes (from Prologue) and VitMaster (from Chapter R) are the only two special chapter songs to be included in this chapter, although they are not free to play.
  • Like Chapter K, Chapter T, Chapter R & Chapter L, the songs have different names in the song selection menu. Instead, they come up as Roman numerals.
  • Just like Chapter S by PAPARAYA, Chapter T by LDT, Chapter D by Aub Ergine and Chapter L by Kai, all the artworks in this chapter were illustrated by Ryori.
  • This is the only special chapter to have a song in it be accessible from the chapter selection screen.
  • Several composers, such as Killerblood, Rabpit and eyemedia, have their songs featured in this chapter, although they aren't directly credited.
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