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No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
K-1 25px-LK-1.png The Way We Were NICODE 3 6 140
K-2 25px-LK-2.png The Sanctuary Eye AC (A-Chun Chiu) 4 8 160
K-3 25px-LK-3.png The Red Coronation Eye RH (Ravel Huang) 5 9 154
K-4 25px-LK-4.png Forbidden Codex Hoskey 2 7 176
K-5 25px-LK-5.png Knight of Firmament Eye XY (Xiao Yian) feat. Yoneko 2 7 155
K-6 25px-LK-6.png Lord of Crimson Rose Eye DT (Danny Tai) feat. Searlait 2 8 125
K-7 25px-LK-7.png Predawn NICODE & M2U 3 7 140
K-8 25px-LK-8.png The Fallen Bloom Hoskey 4 7 160
K-9 25px-LK-9.png Where You Are Not NICODE 4 8 180
K-10 25px-LK-10.png Music. The Eternity of Us Mai Aoyagi 2 7 105.2



  • This chapter introduces NICODE and Mai Aoyagi.
  • The font used for both the title and artist name is Exocet.
  • The story is based off of the two girls from the Holy Knight cover, Iris (blue hair) and Rosabell (red hair).
  • Like Chapter R, Chapter T, Chapter M and Chapter L, the songs have different names in the song selection menu.
    • Like Chapter T, song icons are featured in the cover art for each of the songs in this chapter.
  • The Fallen Bloom is the only song outside of Cytus Alive to have a cutscene, and the only song to have its cover change permanently after it is completed for the first time.
  • This is the only chapter where all of its songs have been fully transferred to Deemo, Rayark's second rhythm game. They are split in two separate collections: the Knight Iris collection, which contains the first five songs of this chapter, and the Knight Rosabell collection, which contains the latter five.
    • In version 2.3 of Deemo, Chapter L has had its songs transferred to the game as well, though the versions used in Deemo are cut down in length.
  • In version 8.0, this chapter does not have any cooldown on its songs in the free version. This error was fixed in version 9.0.
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