Exclusive Chapters for Cytus α
Chapter 10
Chapter 0
Chapter S
No. Logo Song Artist Easy Hard BPM
0-1 L0-1 Process Tsukasa 2 8 170
0-2 L0-2 Endless Journey HOSKEY 2 7 54
0-3 L0-3 Shoot out Tsukasa 4 7 140
0-4 L0-4 LNS OP HOSKEY 3 6 64
0-5 L0-5 Blue Eyes Persona 6 9 151
0-6 L0-6 Diskord Sta 4 7 135
0-7 L0-7 Infernus Alpha Legion 5 8 170
0-8 L0-8 Megaera switchworks 4 8 180
0-9 L0-9 Violet Eyemedia 3 9 152
0-10 L0-10 ¡Azucar! Rabpit 3 8 136


  • This chapter was previously only available in Cytus Lambda and is now available on iOS and Android since September 18, 2014. The chapter wasn't a part of the Million Download Plan. The original announcement was made on their Facebook page.


  • This is chronologically the first special chapter in Cytus. Because Cytus Lambda was cut off by Sony, this chapter was later added as permanent IAP in the original Cytus v6.1 and placed between Chapter 10 and Chapter S to not anger Vita users that have full versions of Lambda.
  • Along with Chapter S and Chapter D, this is one of the chapters that don't have different names in chapter selection menu.
  • This is the only chapter which all its levels are not changed by the time of v4.5
  • The original "Prologue - LIVE" title in Lambda is changed to just "Prologue" in the original game. The artwork is also alternated.
    Chapter0 bg

    The original background used in Cytus Lambda.

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