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Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard Chaos
1.7 1 6 10
2.0 1 5 9


I close the door,
I still hear crying in my heart, long time,
I stopped my ears without saying anything

Why am I still alone?
You knock on the door and call my name
Stand up, change my mind, what should I do for you?

I wanna see your smile, your eyes again
So I can fly, so high, so far away

I’m all ready to go with you so right now
We have a bravesome heart
I'm ready to go with you forevermore
Don't be afraid

I'll face my fate, continue to fight,
The moon last night, I see the light,
Don't give up hope, don't cry anymore,
Can let it go


  • The title of the song in the song select screen is "change" with no capitals. However, in the cover art, the title is spelled as CHangE.
  • This song is the background music of Paff's OS file "Cam_NDrivRec_693_08_15"
    • This song can also be heard on Aroma's OS file "Aroma_Interview_697_08_31".
    • This proves this song was composed even before it was officially released.