Chandelier XIII
Sunshine Duration
Chandelier XIII.png
Character Crystal PuNK BPM 117 Length 2:35
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Version 2.5 Cover Art ???
Difficulty Max Combo Chart Design
EASY 3 261 Linzin阿哲
HARD 6 377 Linzin阿哲
CHAOS 12 696 Linzin阿哲
GLITCH Not available Not available ???

Unlock Requirement

  • Level Easy, Hard and Chaos: Already Unlocked.




Abandon the vow you have made before
Reveal your Node, await eye code
Open those arms in the shadow
Linking crystals to your soul
(Listen to your fate)

Have you seen the sky? Those stars
(Never seen those stars)

Shine so bright as light in the jars
(Lying to your true heart)

Tell me why you sigh, old scar
(Recall the old scars)

Left machine too tight, shatters into the…
(shatters into debris)
(shatters into the…)

Lies made the cyber fall apart 
Ain’t no way to tell the Mars
Do not rely on rusted machine heart
Chase what they always think insane
A button in your brain
Could I delete my pain? Tried to reach you but in vain

Ain’t no need to fear... hold my hand…

Abandon the vow you have made before
Reveal your Node, await eye code
Moments that go like a swallow 
Linking crystals to your soul

Lies made the time mysterious
Ain’t no way to wipe the tears
Do not rely on world that's malicious
Phase out device no more the same 
It glitters in the rain
I beg for the last chain, tried to bind your hope with flames

But I still believe in you
Though dancing in the danger
Secret might not last longer
And I still believe you


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