Hidden songs can often be identified if the the ring around the START button is red in color.

Original Hidden How To Access
Ververg Ververg II When the light is at its dimmest point, tap the torch.
Precipitation Precipitation ver.B Drag two fingers on the screen from top to bottom following the lines.
Entrance Precipitation at the Entrance I Drag the shadows of the wings into the middle. Left for I and Right for II.
Precipitation at the Entrance II
Saika Saika II Tap both of the red cards, making them blue, then tap the screen.
L L2 - Ascension: Act 1 (Loneliness) Hold the title "L" until it changes color. Red for L2 Ver.A and Blue for L2 Ver.B.
L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation)
Slit Slit O On the ∅, slide from top left to bottom right.
Slit I On the ∅, slide from top right to bottom left.
First Gate First Gate Overdrive Tap the title "First Gate" and it will show OVERDRIVE, then tap the screen.
Freedom Dive Freedom D↓ve On the title "Freedom Dive", slide from up to bottom.
Chapter K Where You Are Not Clear K-1 to K-8 on any difficulty.
Chapter K Music. The Eternity of Us Clear all the previous songs in chapter K.
Hay Fields ∞ Fields Tap the monument in the background.
Conflict (YM2151 Edit) Conflict Tap the title "Conflict" 13 times in succession.
The Ricochet The Long Years Touch the spinning headphone on the robot version of Vanessa.
Chapter L L9 : Meteo - Mourn Clear L-1 to L-8 on any difficulty.
Chapter L L10: In Memory of Maneo. Clear all the previous songs in chapter L.
Chapter 1-10 & M Screens Cytus Alive songs and The Beginning Tap the bordered Easy and Hard clearance numbers.
L1: The Devastated Lower L1 : The Devastated Lower (Old Chart) Tap the palm of the boy's hand.
L2 : Ascension To The Upper L2: Ascension To The Upper (Old Chart) Tap the hand between the boy and the mysterious man.
L3 : Roar, On Deserted Lands L3 : Roar, On Deserted Lands (Old Chart) Tap in between the wings inside the glowing sphere.
L4: The Unrevealed L4 : The Unrevealed (Old Chart) Tap the person in white robe.
L5 : The Revealed L5 : The Revealed (Old Chart) Tap the palm of the mysterious man.
L6 : Viz Awakened L6 : Viz Awakened (Old Chart) Tap the centre of the orange cross near the boy's hand.
L7 : Almighty L7: Almighty (Old Chart) Tap the woman's hair area, below her rose hairpiece.
L8 : Meteor - Farewell L8 : Meteor - Farewell (Old Chart) Tap the white robe's chest area above the boy's shoulder.
L9 : Meteo - Mourn L9 : Meteo -Mourn (Old Chart) Tap the impaled area of the boy.
L10 : In Memory Of Maneo. L10 : In Memory Of Maneo. (Old Chart)

Tap the middle of the sword.

D: Magnolia Myosotis Tap the pink crystals floating above her hand.

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