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Cytus - Chapter Timeline - 2059 -Catastrophe-

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
8.0 4 8


21 December 2059 — An earthquake of magnitude 9.2 hit the Turtle Mountain Island and its active volcanoes.

The earthquake and tsunami damaged the power grid of the Nuclear Power Plant and the reactor's cooling system.

The plant’s hydrogen gas leak caused an explosion that in turn led to large amounts of radioactive release. The government issued an order to evacuate residents within a radius of 40 km of the power plant.

The powerful earthquake caused more than half of the buildings in Taipei to collapse. Most of the buildings are in danger. It is difficult to even estimate the number of victims.

The capital and government's administrative agencies had to move to the south center area. Taipei is nothing but an empty city with broken walls at this point.


  • There is a Rayark logo on the banner "Valkyrie".
    • Valkyrie was a subtle reference to Rayark's upcoming music game called "VOEZ". The game was released in June 2016.
  • There is a single note at the end of the song that isn't part of the rhythm. Niflheimr's old chart and Zauberkugel has the same issue.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    171 on Easy (58.56%), 490 on Hard (85.07%)
  • Hold notes
    71 on Easy (24.32%), 61 on Hard (10.59%)
  • Drag notes
    50 on Easy (17.12%), 25 on Hard (4.34%)

Helpful Info[]

Anothe hard chart for lv.8 , remember that the group note is just 6 tap notes and the hold notes at the end , so don't spam or you can miss/bad the hold note .


This is a "Level 8"? Oh wow, this is like the x10 version of Twenty One. Or, if you're too lazy to practice, SPAM IT.