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Hmph, what singer? You can't do anything without me around.


Carly Pauline is a non-playable character in Cytus II. She is Cherry's mother and Luis' wife.


"Daddy was first attracted to mommy because of her singing voice. In a bustling transportation center, I suddenly heard this beautiful voice coming from afar."



Carly was a woman who loved to sing in her free time, even though she sadly hadn't based a career over it. Upon hearing her singing voice for the first time, Cherry wished to achieve the dreams Carly wasn't able to and asked her mother to teach her. This is how Cherry learned how to sing.

Though shown in little to no OS Logs, Carly was cheerful and warm-hearted, but often scolded her husband, Luis, for saying nonsense in front of Cherry. There was no ill will behind those words, as it seemed nobody minded them. In truth, Carly greatly cared for both her husband and daughter, and worked hard to keep them safe and happy at home, always making a lively atmosphere, too.

She died on the 8th of January 681 due to a drone malfunction. After her death, Luis became incredibly mentally unstable and grieved her greatly, which shows how much she meant to him.