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The song that took home 1st place in the MIKU EXPO 2018 USA&Mexico Song Contest!
Has an adorable and easily singable tune, extremely popular during the USA&Mexico tour!



Cytus II Can't Make a Song!! - beat shobon


【初音ミク】Can't Make A Song!! by beat shobon MIKU EXPO 2018 Grand Prize【Hatsune Miku】


Day 5
Let's try composing now!
Catchy tunes that bring smiles to everyone
You're not confident in your music?
We can start again!
Every morning is like a new beginning
A new challenge to clear
In his eyes I see his dedication
but we're still here
My producer can't make a song 
Another day goes by and I can't wait to sing
I just want to help him turn
all of his feelings to a melody
I feel I'm about to explode!
We're in this together and
as I look at him I whisper
No matter what it takes
I'll still be waiting for you

My producer can't make a song 
despite all his wishes to
make my voice be heard
To make a wonderful piece
that captures attention all over the world

I can feel the weeks passing by
But I'll keep cheering for you
Please don't give up now
No matter what it takes
I'll still be waiting for you

With his eyes filled with tears
he looks at me as I 
fear for the worst

Shaking, crying and trying to talk
What he says to me...
(I can not believe)

My producer finished a song
The day we longed for finally has come
And I just can't help but smile
As I sing your lyrics to everyone

The satisfied look on your face
is the most rewarding prize that I could win
As you thank me, you bow down and say
"Do you want to try again?"


Didn't you hear me?
No matter what it takes.
I'll still be waiting for you.