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Cytus - COMA


Ensou COMA ft. GUMI 【Official Cytus 5.0】-0

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
5.0 4 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    254 on Easy (82.47%), 527 on Hard (91.02%)
  • Hold notes
    33 on Easy (10.71%), 31 on Hard (5.35%)
  • Drag notes
    21 on Easy (6.82%), 21 on Hard (3.63%)


Sa bawat araw na lumilipas
Ang mga litratong kumupas
Sa aking isipan ay
Bumabalot sa puso kong ito

Dahan-dahan ko'ng ginuguhit
Ang bawat tamis at mala-lambing
Na mga ala-alang ika'y
Sakin' naghihintay

Gumuguho na ang puso ko
Namulat na ang mga mata'ng ito

Ngayon nandito ako
Dahan-dahang natatanaw
Ang mundong aking gawa
Mula sa aking luha

Ngayon nandito ako
Tumatakbo, inaabot ang
Iyong kamay dito sa'ting
Kuwento ng buhay

Kuwento ng buhay!

For every single day that pass by
the faded pictures
on my mind
overwhelms my heart

I slowly draw 
every sweetness and tenderness 
of my memories 
that awaits for you

My heart is breaking apart
My eyes have already been opened

Now I'm here
slowly seeing
the world I created
from my tears

Now I'm here
running, reaching
your hand, here in our
life's story

life's story


  • Vocaloid GUMI Megpoid is featured as the vocalist in the song.
  • This is one of the 8 songs to feature a Vocaloid.
  • This is the first and only Tagalog (a language that originated in the Philippines) song to be added in Cytus.
    • This is also the first song in Cytus to use a language other than Japanese, English, or fictional.

Helpful Info[]

I'm sorry to say this but I usually don't get fond of vocaloids like this. But anyway, the line is fast, and can be a bit rushed at different parts of the song.


Yeah, neither I like vocaloids that much. Anyhow, just make sure you don't spam towards the end.


What^^? I have no idea what they are saying, but this is easily one of my favorite chapter 9 songs (cause of the Vocaloid). Easy Lv8, quite fast. Be quick.


Not hard at all until you're near the end, when the song throws an insane amount of double/singles at you. Sort of like Realize's barrage, except the notes will be in differing spots, and quick double-taps will be thrown in.


I love this song so much! It´s so dramatic and sad every time I play it my heart hurts q.q


Unfortunately, I do not understand Filipino... For some reason, I hear beeping sounds in the background.


Tagalog.... That's a first.


Proud to be Pinoy, Not to get killed by this song.


"WHAT?! Really?!" My literal reaction to the song lyrics, I never knew it was Filipino! I thought it was Japanese, along with some people, I'm also a Filipino, this song was amazing, apparently I have to tap almost everywhere, this has a (Kinda Fast) black line going on. This song surprised me, literally, it did. I never expected a Filipino song here, even a Vocaloid sang this!

Captain "Heichou" Dayren

What a surprising song XD!!! The lyrics and vocal are both awesome. At first, I thought it was Thai but it's actually Tagalog ^^ Well, it doesn't matter cuz I love this song.