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CODE NAME - ZERO 【Official Audio】

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
5.0 7 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    517 on Easy (84.89%), 786 on Hard (70.12%)
  • Hold notes
    53 on Easy (8.70%), 47 on Hard (4.19%)
  • Drag notes
    39 on Easy (6.41%), 288 on Hard (25.69%)


  • This is the shortest NeLiME song.
    Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 21.44

    The song's initial name

  • In the Cytus 5.0 trailer, this song's title was "Codename_Zero" instead of "Codename : Zero". The purpose of this change is unknown.
  • The font used for the artist name and title is Small Fonts.
  • At the near end of the song, the BPM drops down to 40, then increases to 400. It has the most significant change of BPM out of all the songs in the game.
  • This song has the second largest notes-per-second ratio, having an average of 9.189 notes per second, only beaten by Freedom D↓ve of 14.5 notes per second. In comparison, Freedom Dive has 8.855 notes per second.
  • The voice samples are from Vengeance Vocal Essentials Vol. 1
  • Two sequels to Codename : Zero, titled CODE NAME : GAMMA and CODE NAME : SIGMA, are also in Cytus II.
  • This is the only IAP song that can be played for free via actions from Facebook and Twitter (also counting COMA and Oriens by glitch). However, this song was locked in v6.0.

Helpful Info[]

My fingers ache. My neck ache. This song along with L2B and Freedom Dive are the only songs that is able to inflict casualties, so BEWARE....


The Wikian above is probably exaggerating. But still, I have to agree this song has lots of click notes that you would not have time to react to. Get the beats right, and the killer at the end is what you have to be aware of. Crazy holds, clicks and drags drive me into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE...!


Club central...WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB! Much spamming and timing for the taps, and at the end, hold then tap tap then hold then tap then hold again then a tap...lots of stuff happening. Study the chart on YouTube.


But it's not just beat time, it's motion-controlled beat time! Anyway... this song takes really fast fingers. If you can be a machine gun, then by all means do be one. If not, use both fingers. A B is definitely possible, so go for it!

Semi-Squishy 3000

Beat… Time… aaaaand there goes the rush! Not sure if someone agrees, but I noticed that the click note spree follows some kind of "swinging" pattern (?). This song is volatile.


Beat Time! //dies several times from finger pain. Beginning is beautiful, ending is beautiful.


My hands are so damn jittery after playing this on Easy. I miss one note every time.


Blasted dogs....

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

I made my hands overheat,Thanks


SPAMMING TIME!!! There isn't much strategy in this song. JUST BE FAST. DON'T SLOW DOWN! BEAT TIME


Easiest among the hell trio, imo. Just feel the song, coordination is the key.... until you reach the last one..... Screws you up everytime.


This chart is hellishly fun, I have to say. The mirror notes need coordination, and the end killer needs technique.


I enjoy this song's charts so much, no matter what difficulty it is. I struggled really hard just to master the easy version, BUT THAT'S FINE, I love this song anyway. Tips for the easy mode: be coordinated on the parts shown in the song preview; expect 2 eight-note groups stupidly cramped 'cause the fast scan line; use multiple fingers on the killer at the end (which is not that hard actually, you only need pratice here).