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Æsir - CHAOS


  • The artist is named "Æsir", but the actual artists are Ice and KIVΛ.
  • This is the fourth-longest song of Cytus II, with 3 minutes and 43 seconds, being shorter than V., CHAOS //System Offline// and II by 28 seconds, 22 seconds and 3 minutes 42 seconds respectively.
  • This is the only song on ROBO_Head's songlist not to have the song's title written on ROBO_Head's monitor.
    • This is also the only song where the artist is not written in the monitor. Instead, it features Æsir's logo.
  • Although the BPM is listed as 150, it slowly slows down to 80 BPM at the end of the song.
  • The first half of the song is a remix of Cytus songs. While there is no official remix list, these songs can be heard:
  • A version where the song was run through a bit crusher is used when NEKO#ΦωΦ reaches Lv.25 and answers Æsir's call.
    • If this version is counted as a song, then it has the slowest BPM line (18.75 BPM) and it's slow enough to beat 100sec Cat Dreams by 1 second.
      • This version is currently 4 seconds longer than the current shortest song, Brave My Heart.
    • The bitcrushed version was never named, as it’s only a cutscene song and the bottom-left corner doesn’t show its song title, however, it appears to be named “story_004” in the game files.
    • With the 2.0 update, the song can now be played again in NEKO's Backup Database and the file is named "Event_702_08_23".