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Perhaps that's not what you were going for, but that was brilliant teamwork.


Bruno Heart, or more commonly known by his nickname Big B, is a non-playable character in Cytus II. He is part of Sagar's exploration team, Eagle-01.


"Are you Sagar? I'm Bruno, from class B. We're on the same unit for the United Mission this time around."


Bruno is the most rational and level-headed out of everyone in Eagle-01, always thinking first before deciding how to act. He is good-willed and skilled at comforting, to the point where Alex, disgusted, compares him to the A.R.C's counselors.

Generally liked because of his open personality, Bruno also has a particularly well developed ability to work in a team and unite people, which is seen when Sagar, Alex and him have to work together for the United Mission. Despite the two's rivalry, Bruno manages to guide them both into working together, and they defeat the enemy with ease thanks to his encouragement and contribution.

He is also somewhat considered Eagle-01's mood-lifter, as he likes to make jokes from time to time. They are usually mocked in a friendly way or brushed off, though.