Cytus Wiki


Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
5.0 2 7
7.0 3 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    175 on Easy (56.27%), 305 on Hard (67.78%)
  • Hold notes
    33 on Easy (10.61%), 45 on Hard (10.00%)
  • Drag notes
    103 on Easy (33.12%), 100 on Hard (22.22%)


  • This song is the 3rd track of Team Grimoire's 3rd album, Grimoire of Emerald.


Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 18.05

A group of notes spelling "PROJ"

  • Project Grimoire is actually Team Grimoire and ICE collaborating. One member of Team Grimoire is Verdammt, the composer of Adventure later in the 7.0 release.
  • The 4 groups of notes before the song preview says PROJ. This refers to Project Grimoire.
  • The character in the illustration is named Lugh Lamhfhata (ルフ, "Ruf"), whose name can be seen written under the song's title.
  • This is the first 5.0 song to have a changed difficulty level.
  • The time signature is ¾.
  • This music was originally written for Konami's arcade music game Sound Voltex, but was rejected because Ice is not a Japanese citizen, which is against their music collecting policy. Therefore, the music came to Cytus after that.
    • Another song composed by the same artist, Caliburne ~ Story of the Legendary sword ~, was intended to be put in Sound Voltex as well; like Brionac, the song ended up in another game, in this case being maimai and CHUNITHM. It later came to Cytus II via collaboration with maimai.

Helpful Info[]

(Hiccups) Accidental song? Well, that was a first-timer... I don't really play this song a lot of times, but it is in triple time so, in the least possible, deceived me when I played for the first time. (Hiccups and face blushes).


It's a good song. There isn't anything that interesting other than the Easter egg...


Place your fingers in the right position, because the easter egg is most likely the hardest part.


A little underrated... but i love this song! The chart is also relaxing, fun to play and easy. But watch out for the Easter Egg, might get a few goods with that.

Dr. Breakfast

EPICCCCCC!!!!! This song has a sequel called Caliburne, and it is great too...The chart is a little bit harder than normal lv.7...'PROJ' is the hardest part. It's the Easter Egg!!!


I MM'd this after The Riddle Story and Cosmo on Hard. It's not so hard to MM