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  • In silence, boiling blood is burning. Rising steam in the air, the fierce situation lasts no more. Keep on going, to find the exit of this endless maze. Cut through the conflict, burn all the barriers to ashes.


We're not gonna lose! (Not gonna lose!)

We're not gonna give up this fight!

(Not gonna get us, get us!)

(They're not gonna get us, get us!)

We've nothing to lose! (Nothing to lose!)

I know it all ends here tonight! (Tonight!)

(Not gonna get us, get us!)

(They're not gonna get us, get us!)

(Now is the time!) No, I will not be deceived!

(Taking what's mine!) I wear my heart on my sleeve!

(Nothing to lose!) I'll give you all that you need!

(Love is a bruise!) I'll make our enemies bleed!

We'll fight until the world ends!

We won't be fated to pretend!

We won't give up – no, not again! (No, not again!)

Now all the world is here to see,

Just how much faith you put in me!

Our love is ash and memory! (Ash and memory!)


  • Neko is depicted in the cover art of this song, likely due to the Drum & Bass elements present