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Record_Bruno_701_11_06 09:00:56

Warner Swift: Born in Node 03. 29 years old. Leader of the anti-tech organization known as Light.

N.A. 690: Warner's parents began selling drugs for the gangs. The gangs took advantage of the couple and kidnapped his sister, Mildred Swift, who was then trafficked for unknown reasons. The vehicle she was being transported in flipped over while crossing the forbidden area. This caused her to come in contact with the Ender virus, eventually leading to her death.

N.A. 694: Light was established. The organization maintained that A.R.C. was in possession of crucial research regarding the Ender virus, demanding that A.R.C. make all relevant data available to the masses. But given the lack of evidence, the public was not convinced.

N.A. 698: With an influx of new members with varying backgrounds, the organization's goals shifted, gradually focusing on A.R.C.'s rampant technological development. This marked the beginning of sit-ins, peaceful protests, etc. which they used to express their grievances.

N.A. 701: Light devised a plan to carry out an attack by gaining control of a mech beast. This was the first time the organization used non-peaceful methods to get media exposure. It is likely that similar methods will be used in the future.